Modern Jewish History - Maurice Harris



The following statistics have been taken from those compiled for the American Jewish Year Book edited by Harry Schneiderman, also from the English Year Book edited by Rev. Isidor Harris, M. A. They are almost in entire agreement; in cases where the numbers differ, those of the American Jewish Year Book have been followed. In some instances, no record has been available of Jewish population since those taken before the War.

NOTE: Some statistics are as early as 1911, others are the tabulation of 1920:

Jewish Population by Continent.

America 3,498,325
Europe 10,439,191
Asia 434,332
Africa 380,668
Australasia 19,415
Total 14,771,931

Jewish Population in the Americas

Canada 75,681
Cuba 2,000
Jamaica 1,487
Mexico 500
United States 3,300,000
Argentine Republic 110,000
Brazil 6,100
Dutch Guiana (Surinam) 882
Curacao 600
Venezuela 475

Jewish Population in Europe

Austria 200,000
Belgium 16,000
Bulgaria 45,000
Czechoslovakia 349,000
Cyprus, Gibraltar, Malta 1,445
Denmark 5,950
Finland 2,000
France 150,000
Germany 500,000
Greece 120,000
Hungary 450,000
Italy 43,000
Luxemburg 1,270
Netherlands 122,500
Norway 1,045
Poland 3,069,330
Roumania 1,000,000
Soviet Russia 200,000
Esthonia 7,500
Latvia 150,000
Lithuania 250,000
Ukraine 3,300,000
Jueo Slavia 100,000
Spain 4,000
Sweden 6,400
Switzerand 20,951
Turkey in Europe 75,000
United Kingdom 286,500

Jewish Population in Asia

Aden 3,747
Afghanistan and Turkestan 18,316
Dutch East Indies 10,842
Hong Kong and Straits Settlement 685
India 20,980
Japan 1,000
Palestine 85,000
Persia 40,000
Russia in Asia 76,262
Turkey in Asia 1 77,500
Australia 17,287
New Zealand 2,128

Jewish Population in Africa

Abyssinia 25,000
Algeria 70,271
Egypt 59,581
Morocco 103,712
Tripoli 18,860
Tunis 54,664
E. African Protectorate 80
Rhodesia 1,500
Union of South Africa 47,000

Jewish Population in the Principle Cities of the World

New York 1,500,000
Philadelphia 175,000
Chicago 250,000
Montreal 50,000
Buenos Ayres 100,000
Salonica 80,000
Lodz 150,000
Warsaw 357,521
Budapest 203,687
Bucharest 43,274
Vienna 175,318
Frankfort 23,552
Berlin 142,289
Constantinople 65,000
London 170,000
Rome 10,000
Jerusalem 55,000
Bombay 10,739
Cairo 28,000
Svdney 6,500

Berditchev, Ukraine has a Jewish population of 47,000. but the entire population of that town is 53,000, meaning 87%.


1506-16 Reuchlin, defender of the Talmud.
1517 Luther begins the Reformation.
1542 Jews banished from Prague.
1541-1613 David Gans, astronomer, associate of Kepler and Tycho de Brahe.
1612 Jews admitted to Hamburg.
1614 Fettmilch riots.
1618-48 Thirty Years' War.
1670 Jews expelled from Vienna.
1670 Jews admitted to the Mark of Brandenburg.
1728-86 Moses Mendelssohn.
1725-1805 N. H. Wessely.
1743-1812 Mayer Amschel Rothschild.
1754-1800 Solomon Maimon, Kantian Philosopher.
1780 Lessing and Dohra plead for Jewish rights.
1780 Joseph II, Austria, ameliorates Jewish Status.
1747-1803 Dr. Marcus Herz.
1764-1847 Henrietta Herz.
1771-1833 Rachel Levin.
1784-90 "The Meassefim," School of Hebrew writers.
1794-1886 Leopold Zunz, father of science of Judaism.
1858-1919 Kurt Eisner, Pres. Bavarian. Republic.
1922 W. Rathenau envoy of Germany to Genoa conference. Foreign Minister.
1575 William of Orange made Governor of the Netherlands.
1593 Jews admitted into Amsterdam.
1609 Spain acknowledges independence of Holland.
1604-57 Manasseh ben Israel.
1623 Uriel Acosta excomcomunicated.
1632-77 Baruch Spinoza, philosopher.
1642 Isaac Aboab and party settle in Brazil.
1657 Jews readmitted to England.
1657 Asser Levy obtains burgher rights.
1458-1549 Elias Levita, Hebrew Grammarian.
1516 Venetian Ghetto.
1555 Roman Ghetto.
1514-78 Azarya dei Rossi, Scholar.
1569-93 Jews admitted to Papal states and expelled again.
1650 flourished the critics, Leo di Modena, Joseph de Medigo.
1590-1663 Simon Luzzatto, litterateur.
1707-47 Moses Chaim Luzzatto, Poet and Dramatist.
1907-10 Ernesto Nathan. Mayor of Rome.
1784 France abolishes polltax, permits Jewish residence throughout France.
1789 Mirabeau and Abbe Gregoire write in advocacy of Jews.
1791 National Assembly grants civil rights to Jews.
1906 Dreyfus vindicated.
1907 State aid withdrawn from synagogue and church .
1919 Henry L. Bergson made member of Institute of France.


1638 New Haven colony adopts the Mosaic legal code.
1641 Colony of Massachusetts adopts Criminal Code of the Bible.
1654 Jews migrate to New Amsterdam.
1657 Jews established in Newport, R. I.
1664 J. under English rule in N. America.
1680 First Congregation organized in New York.
1729 First Synagogue built in New York
1733 Jewish settlement in Savannah
1740 Jews admitted to naturalization in American colonies
1756 Dr. Jacob Lombroso comes to Maryland
1776-81 Struggle for Independence. Jewish Patriots: Francis Salvador, Major Benjamin Nones, Esther and David Hays, Rabbi Gershom Seixas, Hayem Solomon
1776-1854 Judah Touro, Philanthropist.
1781-1868 Rebecca Gratz established first Sabbath school.
1785-1851 Mordecai M. Noah, publicist, statesman.
1792-1862 Uriah P. Levy, commodore.
1793-1870 Levy M. Harby, captain.
1787 Constitution decides public office without religious test.
1900 Death of Isaac M. Wise.
1905 Celebration 250th anniversary Jewish settlement in North America.
1916 L. D. Brandeis made Justice Supreme Court, U. S.
1848-1919 Adolph Marix, Rear Admiral U. S. Navy.
1917 Organization Jewish Welfare Board soldiers and sailors.
1921 Albert D. Lasker made head of Shipping Board.


1505-48 Sigismund I; restored old Jewish Privileges.
1520-1602 Solomon Ashkenazi, Court physician in Poland.
1572 End of Jagellon dynasty.
1533-94 Abraham Troki. "Faith Strengthened" refutes Christian theology.
1586 Vaad of the Four Countries.
1613 Beginning of Romanoff rule (Russia);
1636-37 Blood Accusations.
1648-58 Cossack Persecutions.
1659 Lithuania united to Poland.
1683-1725 Peter the Great (Russia).
1750 Chassidim, Sect founded by Is. Baal Shem.
1720-97 Elijah Wilna, Gaon.
1772 1st Partition of Poland.
1791 Pale of Settlement instituted by Catherine II.
1793 2d Partition of Poland.
1795 3d Partition of Poland.
1796-1801 Paul 1st grants Jewish Citizenship in Courland: forbids Jewish Expulsion from towns.
1903 Kishineff and Homel massacres.
1905 Anti-Jewish pogroms throughout Russia.
1905 Opening of Douma.
1917 Overthrow of Romanoff dynasty.
1917 Decree of Jewish emancipation.
1520-72 Moses Isserles, reedited Shulchan Aruch.
1520-1602 Solomon Ashkenazi, Statesman.
1534-72 Isaac Lurya, Kabbalist.
1554 Karo's Shulchan Aruch.
1566 Joseph Nasi, Duke of Naxos.
1665 Sabbathai Zevi proclaimed "Messiah."
1905 Celebration 250th anniversary of Whitehall Conference (to consider Jews' readmission).
1911 Opening Liberal Jewish Synagogue.
1913 Sir Rufus Isaacs, Lord Chief Justice of England.
1918 Earl Reading appointed Ambassador to U. S.
1918 Conquest Palestine by British army.
1920 San Remo Conference; confirms Balfour Declaration favoring Palestine as a Jewish home-land.
1920 Sir Herbert Samuel appointed High Commissioner for Palestine.
1921 Lord Reading appointed Viceroy of India.