Color, Communism, and Common Sense - Manning Johnson

Destroying the Opposition

No small amount of support of the Communist cause came from important and influential Negro newspapers. The late Robert Minor, a top Red, wrote:

"In some of these papers repeatedly appear open admissions that the Communist Party is the only party that advocates or fights for equal rights for Negroes and the right of self-determination for the Negro people."

He cited two of "many examples" of this reaction of the Negro press. Because of lack of space, I shall quote only three excerpts from one of his examples:

"No Menacing Reds
(From the Afro-American, Baltimore).

"The Reds are going our way. Like ourselves, they represent a feared and hated cause. They are the first white group since Emancipation to advocate race, social equality and intermarriage for those who wish it.

"In fact, there is more real Christianity among white Communists than in the white Y.M.C.A., the white Christian Endeavor Societies, or the white so-called Christian Churches.

"The Reds are no menace to Negroes. In fact, it is comforting to find groups of such people as Communists in this color mad world."

There were also Negro intellectuals, artists, professionals, politicians, etc., seeking a ladder to success. They are used according to the strategic needs of the Communist Party. In preparation for their treacherous role, the Party passes along the word covertly or openly to give them preferred treatment. Forces, money, publicity, etc., are used in the build-up to change comparative Negro unknowns into national and international "Race Leaders."

Wires were pulled in local, state and federal governments to appoint, upgrade and transfer to strategic positions Negroes whom the communist apparatus could use. Congressional records show that an internationally prominent Negro was aided in his rise by red spy, Alger Hiss. We have never heard of this same Negro ever recommending any qualified member of his own race as a government appointee. The record does show that he recommended white appointees, later shown to be connected with the Communist conspiracy.

Take also the example of a well-known Negro Federal judge who made two rulings in favor of the criminal communist conspiracy. He was known as a communist fronter before he was appointed. He is hailed in the Red press and was boomed for the Supreme Court.

In both instances, the long range investment of the Communists paid off. Similar examples can be cited again and again. As a result, belief has grown among Negro opportunists that if you want to get ahead, play ball with the reds.

Whenever the reds do a successful "job" on a so-called renegade or militant anti-Communist, it rivets tighter the "conspiratorial cover" of the Party. To insure this end, nothing is more enlightening than a few object lessons.

The awesome spectacle of the array of forces in all walks of life, potent and with ample money, cold-bloodedly and efficiently going about the job of destroying the reputation and influence of those designated as enemies of Communism keep many in line and enforce silence.

And, too, the hand of the assassin is used in some instances where it can be done with impunity.

Few men want the medicine the reds gave the late Senator Joseph McCarthy which the reds boast is the best cure for militant anti-Communists.

[Editor's Note: McCarthy died while hospitalized at age 48, reportedly of hepatitis, although the "doctors had not previously reported him to be in critical condition."

Also among those at the top of the list of red victims are George Hewitt, alias Timothy "Tim" Holmes, William "Bill" Nowell and Charles White (murdered). They were Negro professional revolutionists having received their training in the Lenin Institute in Moscow, U.S.S.R. Years of experience on all levels of the Communist apparatus eminently gualified them for the task of ripping the conspiratorial cover from the Communist Party and exposing the flagitious plot against the Negro.

When these Negroes defected, they automatically became a serious threat to the Party. Their knowledge of the inner workings of the conspiracy made them a danger to the red apparatus because they were beyond its power of discipline. Theirs was a sincere and total abandonment of Communism. They knew of their own knowledge its dire threat to humanity, so they cooperated with all government agencies investigating, exposing and prosecuting Communists. As a result, they became "enemies of the Party apparatus," "renegades of Communism" and were treated like outcasts with every Red Hand against them.

The National Disciplinary Commission of the Communist Party, feared and respected by all reds, is an arm of the Soviet Secret Police, placed on these defectors the word "informer" the dreaded tag of the criminal underworld. This solemn pronouncement means the "full treatment" to show the "comrades" what happens to those who desert and fight the Party. So complete was the campaign of slander, threats, persecution, social ostracism that all the above-mentioned Negro ex-reds were driven to an untimely grave.

That this can happen in our Republic under God is unbelievable but TRUE. No wonder then that today the wrath of the Communists is more to be feared than the Judgments of Heaven.

Editor's Note: Manning Johnson, the author of this book, died at age 51 of a "previously unknown heart condition", a year after it was published. He obviously knew the risk he was taking when he chose to speak out.]

To sink their claws in, subvert and use the Negro people, Moscow must have loyal, dedicated, trained Negro professional revolutionists who can easily be manipulated, that is, made to follow the Party line.

Loyalty is placed first because the Communist Party leaders demand that loyalty to the Party be placed above and before everything and that includes race, relatives, family and loved ones. It entails a complete surrender of the will to the communist hierarchy. A willingness to do anything, go anywhere and say anything you are told is a condition of communist membership.

Out of the fires of such exacting indoctrination and training have come the treacherous Negro red leaders who serve faithfully their masters in the Kremlin. The James Jacksons, the Henry Winstons, the William Pattersons, the Louise Thompsons, the Maude Whites, the Harry Haywoods, the Ben Davises, the Doxey Wilkersons, the James W. Fords, et al., make up the cadre around which the present racial conflict or "liberation movement" is being built.

Moreover, they are the ones who devise the methods and techniques used by their puppets to destroy the reputation and influence of those who stand in the way of the gathering momentum of the Negro liberation juggernaut.

Except for a brief period during the latter 1930's, the reds called those persons "Uncle Toms" who sought solution of the race problem through the medium of education, patience, understanding and discussion which would lead to mutual agreement. Since any program leading to a peaceful solution of the race problem automatically excludes and dooms red efforts among Negroes, it goes without saying that the reds are going to oppose it. The chief targets are the responsible advocates of such a program. They must "be discredited and isolated from the masses." So, in addition to the tags of "enemy of the race," "tool of the white ruling class," "traitor to the race," the reds have added the opprobrium of "Uncle Tom."

In their usual diabolically clever way, the reds took the name of a fine, sincere and beloved character made famous in the greatest indictment of chattel slavery and transformed him into a "dirty, low, sneaky, treacherous, groveling, snivering coward." This the reds did in order to make the name "Uncle Tom" the symbol of social, economic and political leprosy.

Today, the name "Uncle Tom" among Negroes ranks with the term "McCarthyism" generally, turning many ministers into moral cowards, many politicians into scared jackrabbits and many other leaders into hypocrites.

No man dare stand up and proclaim convictions counter to red agitation without running the certain risk of being pilloried. The reds, their fellow travelers, leaders of the N.A.A.C.P and other race agitators have created an ideal climate for such persecution.

Ironically, the communist definition of "Uncle Tom" applies to the Negro red and fellow traveler more than it does to any one else. In fact, I do not know of any Negro, living or dead, who sank to the depths of cowardice, servility, and treachery as has the Negro red. One has only to read the "wailings and lamentations" of Pettis Perry to his white masters in the Communist Party to do something about the widespread race prejudice permeating that Party from top to bottom. Such prejudice in the Communist Party in the opinion of Pettis Perry prevents the communist apparatus from effectively exploiting the Negro people.