Color, Communism, and Common Sense - Manning Johnson

The Real 'Uncle Toms'

Ironically, after more than three decades, the reds can't eliminate race prejudice from their own ranks. Pettis Perry's articles clearly show that the centuries' old racial, national, social, economic and political differences between peoples plague and bedevil the communist vanguard despite indoctrination, training, discipline and so forth. The human element resists the red strait-jacket.

Naturally so, because you can't level everybody off, toss them in a pot, and stir them up without producing a social disorder.

The top white Communist leaders know that racial, as well as other differences between peoples, have existed over a long span of years and will continue to exist even after centuries of re-education under Communist rule. They also know that these differences can be used to play race against race, nationality against nationality, class against class, etc., to advance the cause of Communism.

Posing as a "friend of the Negro," they, under the guise of a campaign for Negro rights, set race against race in the cold-blooded struggle for power. Their hypocrisy and the falsity of their claims are clearly revealed in a number of instances.

For example, while the reds and their fellow travelers were stoking the racial fires on the issue of restrictive covenants:

"In New York, some 46 comrades, including the chairman, signed leases containing restrictive covenant clauses. This was also true of two leading comrades in the trade union movement. . . . Some comrades said "that those involved needed a home" and therefore . . . it was "all right" for them to sign such clauses."

While the white reds were renting apartments and subletting them to Negroes to stir up racial bitterness and hate such as existed in Stuyvesant Town, in New York City, they carefully avoided living in a Negro community. A top white red "was in the act of moving in to the Riverton Housing Project in Harlem, but decided against it because," to quote him, "a survey disclosed that only 5 to 7 per cent of the inhabitants of the project were white families, and therefore that would have been a bad environment for my kids."

The white Communists have nothing but contempt for Negro Communists (and justly so) and this is openly expressed. For instance:

"White comrades living in a Negro community and holding positions in the clubs were not on speaking terms with most of the Negro comrades."

Their utter hypocrisy is also revealed in the following:

"White comrades going into the mass organizations made up predominantly of Negro people . . . constantly shout that "We must fight for Negro rights." Yet when they meet Negro comrades and other Negro acquaintances on the street, especially in the downtown area, they do not even speak to them."

Evidently, fear and distrust of the Negro male is rampant in Communist Party ranks because when the

". . . newspapers reported a case of rape, some of the white women in the Party began to develop the idea that they should ask for police protection."

Even the despised "tools of the capitalist system" (the police) are good to have around at times, say the comrades.

From time to time, the Communist leaders conduct a complete registration of all members. Any Negro comrade who does not register is told to do so or else. The "else" means loss of job as for instance:

"In New Jersey, there was difficulty in . . . re-registering a Negro woman comrade, whereupon this comrade was informed that either she re-register "or else it will be your job,"

Thus implying that the Party would use its influence to carry out the threat.

Social equality for the Negro is a major slogan of the Communists. They use it on the one hand to mislead the Negro American, and on the other hand to create anxieties and fears among white Americans to better exploit both racial groups. What it means when applied to the Communist is shown as follows:

"A number of instances . . . Negro comrades are not welcome into the homes of white comrades. In some cases, they are received early in the morning, when neighbors may think they are domestic workers, or are welcome at night, when the neighbors of the white comrades might not see the Negro comrades at all."

Space does not permit the citing of all the many examples of the utter hypocrisy of the Communists which show the vast gulf between what they say and what they do.

These examples serve to bring into sharp focus the infamous treachery of the Negro reds and their Negro fellow travelers and defenders. Moreover, it conjures up their own definition of "Uncle Tom" which applies more to them than to any other Negro.

The reds have deliberately twisted and warped the thinking of those intellectual pygmies who lead the "Freedom by '63" campaign by sending them after quick solutions of a centuries' old problem that has never been solved anywhere in the world. Obvious even to the most ignorant is the fact that all people are prejudiced. No one is free of it. Prejudice, in one form or another, has existed almost as long as the human family. They arise out of the complex differences of race, nationality, religion, economic, social and cultural standing.

Prejudice is not limited to any one race. It is common to all. Neither does the color of skin determine more or less the extent of prejudice in any particular race.