Strange Death of Franklin Roosevelt - Emanuel Josephson

This eye-opening book makes minced-meat of F.D.R.'s reputation as a 'populist' man-of-the-people. Its title is misleading since the 'suspicioius death of F.D.R' is only one of dozens of scandals unearthed by this rollicking survey of the dark underbelly of the entire Delano-Roosevelt clan. Other scandals involve the families influence in naval procurements, confidential 'pay-to-play' foundations, relations with the Rockefeller cartel, insidious control of the press, appointment of communists throughout the administration, and FDR's stunning hypocrisy in policy making.

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The Roosevelt-Delano Dynasty has played a far more important role in the history of the United States than is suspected even by supposedly well-informed folk. Their role in the future may be a very fateful one now that it has become an integral though subsidiary part of the Rockefeller (Standard Oil) Empire. The time has arrived when it is imperative that the nation be keenly aware of it.

An evaluation of the significance of the Roosevelt-Delano Dynasty for the past, present and future of the United States has been impossible hitherto because the data has been carefully hidden in the family records and has not been available to the public. Even in the case of one of the most publicized members of the Dynasty, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, little of the really important background is known to the public.

Apologists for Roosevelt and the New Deal implicitly acknowledge their defect and the damage they have done the nation, when they seek to evade the issue and assert with all the dialectic vehemence of the trained Marxist:

"But Roosevelt is dead. Why bring him up?"

It must be acknowledged that Roosevelt is a very pathetic object for hero worship, and they might well like to drop the subject. But unfortunately the grave injuries that were done the nation through Franklin Delano Roosevelt, as tool, agent and mouthpiece of sinister powers behind the government are not as dead as he. They live on and must be studied, dealt with and corrected where possible.

On the topic of Roosevelt, the American public fall into two large groups. There are those who venerate and adore him, and regard him in the light of a savior. The others detest him as unscrupulous, treacherous, dishonest and a thoroughgoing fraud.

To both of them, however, there is completely unknown the truly important facts with regard to Franklin Delano Roosevelt, the man, his familial background, his allegiances and interests, his objectives, and the dynastic tradition which he carried on.

More memorials have been set up for the Roosevelts, especially for Franklin Delano Roosevelt, than for all the rest of the Presidents put together. Despite this, the only facts in regard to Franklin Delano Roosevelt known to the public are those dispensed by his publicity men, some of them relatives, and by the New Deal propagandists. These fall far short of the true picture of the significance of Roosevelt and his Dynasty in the past and current history of the land.

This woeful ignorance of the strongly biased public on the subject of Franklin Delano Roosevelt is best illustrated by my experience in October, 1944. I was invited to give a radio broadcast on the subject of "Know Your President". The form of the broadcast was a quiz contest consisting of twenty important questions about President Franklin Delano Roosevelt, his background, his activities and his avowed objectives. In the first broadcast on October 20 the questions were read and prizes were offered for correct replies to be received before the next broadcast, one week later. Not a single correct reply was received to the questions which I now quote:

It is the claim of the Roosevelt-Delano clan that they have contributed twelve Presidents to the United States and have virtually ruled this country since its inception.

Question 1: Can you name those Presidents?

Three Presidents have been assassinated in the course of our history.

Question 2: How many of them have been followed by relatives of Franklin D. Roosevelt?

Question 3: Which of them narrowly escaped impeachment as President of the United States? Why?

International alliances and entanglements are of special interest to us now.

Question 4: To what reigning monarch is President Roosevelt sufficiently related to claim cousinship, and how?

Question 5: What justification is there for the statement that the Secretaryship of the Navy is hereditary in the Roosevelt family?

Question 6: Is there any justification for the idea that the Roosevelt clan have a vested interest in war?

Question 7: What United Nations leader placed the blame for precipitating the present war squarely in the lap of President Roosevelt?

Question 8: How many relatives has President Roosevelt appointed to office? Name some.

Question 9: From what sources, in addition to the German government, was the most important part in the financing of Communism in the U.S. derived?

Question 10: From what source did Senator Robert F. Wagner import the "New Deal"?

Question 11: Do you regard the key New Dealers including Nelson Rockefeller, Averill Harriman, Francis Biddle, Jesse Jones, Will Clayton and other representatives of America's largest fortunes as sincere champions of Labor? Do you think that it is their honest purpose to turn over control of the nation to Labor and thus destroy themselves and their fortunes in an act of political and economic hari-kari? If not, what is their real objective?

Question 12: What program have the Roosevelts advocated and published for the solution of the Jewish and Negro questions? Do they accord with the views advocated in the blueprint of the New Deal?

Question 13: Have any negro victims of infantile paralysis ever been admitted to President Roosevelt's business, Georgia Warm Springs? Or has an attitude of Jim Crowism been adopted, despite contributions of colored folks to Birthday Balls and despite the Roosevelt insistence that other folks must not discriminate against them?

Question 14: Has President Roosevelt a holding company of his own despite his opposition to holding companies that has been so violent that he has destroyed investments of billions of dollars held by innocent investors in holding companies? What is its name and activity?

Question 15: What has been the fate of money invested by the American public in stock issues floated under the name of Franklin D. Roosevelt? What have these issues been?

Question 16: What has been the fate of billions of dollars invested by the American public in railroad and utility stock as a result of action by the S.E.C. that supposedly was established for the purpose of protecting the investing public?

Question 17: Has Franklin D. Roosevelt ever been completely honest and straightforward in his attitude on any question that affects public interest? Has he ever kept a campaign pledge made in public interest?

Question 18: Who have been the principal ghost writers who have thought Franklin D. Roosevelt's thoughts and written the speeches he declaims so well?

Question 19: Do you approve the New Deal policy that provides everything for foreign lands under Lend Lease, including liners for post-war trade that are thinly disguised as airplane carriers, but alleges that it can not produce enough shipping to bring our soldiers back to their homes and families from two to five years after the close of the war in Europe, as announced by the New Deal War Department? Does this not make it more apparent than ever that the true motto of the New Deal is "America Last and Least?"

Question 20: What happened to the large black mole that grew rapidly over the left eyebrow of President Roosevelt about two years ago? What is the significance of the two operations for "wens" that Drew Pearson reports he has undergone during the past year?

It is my purpose to present the facts concerning this Dynasty that has played a dominant role in the affairs of the nation that is so completely unsuspected even by those who regard themselves as well-informed. It is also my purpose to relate the factual basis of a true evaluation of the significance of that role, especially for the future of the nation.

[Book Cover] from The Strange Death of FDR by Emanuel Josephson

Introduction to the Revised Edition

The background of the conspiracy that was the basis of the power of the Roosevelt-Delano Dynasty, and that made possible its control of the destinies of our country, is related by the author in his ROOSEVELT'S COMMUNIST MANIFESTO (Chedney Press, 1955). It portrays the role played by the Dynasty in the Illuminist-Socialist-Communist-"One World" dictatorship conspiracy.

The second half of that volume contains what is probably the most important document in American history. It is the reprint, in full, of the 1841 publication by mentorcousin, Clinton Roosevelt, entitled THE SCIENCE OF GOVERNMENT FOUNDED ON NATURAL LAW. It is largely an adaptation to the American scene of the conspiracy published in 1776, in Germany, by Adam Weishaupt, a renegade Catholic who had been trained by the Jesuits. He was the founder of the Order of Illuminati, which later became the Communist Party. Weishaupt is the real father, or grandfather, of modern-day Communism. And he was the preceptor of Moses Mordecai Marx Levy alias Heinrich Karl Marx.

Clinton Roosevelt was one of the group of American Illuminists, self-styled "liberals", that included Horace Greeley, Charles A. Dana, and many scions of America's "first families" who helped finance the activities of Karl Marx and his associates. His SCIENCE OF GOVERNMENT was published as a blueprint of a conspiracy to nullify the Constitution and Sovietize the U.S.A. Published in 1841, it contains the detailed plan of the New Deal and NRA, drawn up ninety-two years before his cousin, President Franklin Delano Roosevelt, launched the conspiracy.

Clinton Roosevelt's publication is so important for an understanding of our national history, and of the ills that have befallen us, that it would have been a disaster had its well-planned blackout succeeded as a result of disintegration of the pulp paper on which it was originally published. The result would have been complete censorship and suppression of one of the most important phases of our national history and the history of the world.

The more up-to-the-minute phases of the conspiracy, the author details in his ROCKEFELLER "Internationalist", The Man Who Misrules The World (Chedney Press, 1952) and in subsequent columns.

A fourth volume is under consideration by the author, on the part played by the conspirators in the engineering of the Civil War, and on the elections and assassination of Abraham Lincoln.

Material revisions and additions have been made in the text, on the basis of subsequent researches and investigations. This is especially true in the chapter on The Odd Ailments & Strange Death Of F.D.R. It has been largely rewritten and amplified with additional data, which casts an even stranger light on this curious affair.

[Book Cover] from The Strange Death of FDR by Emanuel Josephson
[Book Cover] from The Strange Death of FDR by Emanuel Josephson
[Book Cover] from The Strange Death of FDR by Emanuel Josephson