Catechism of Christian Doctrine: No 3 - T. Kinkead

The Baltimore Catechism is the official national catechism for children in the United States and Volume 3 is suitable for high schoolers and those who have received their confirmation. It reviews material from volume 2, but includes additional questions, definitions, examples, and applications.

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These Catechisms of the Baltimore Series are arranged on a progressive plan. No. 00 gives the Prayers and Acts to be learned before the study of the Catechisms begins:—No. 0 contains one half the questions of No. 1; No. 1 half the questions of No. 2; No. 2 one-third the questions of No. 3, and No. 4 (an Explanation of the Baltimore Catechism) furnishes much additional information with copious explanations and examples.

The same questions bear the same numbers throughout the series, and their wording is identical. The different sizes of type make the Catechisms more suitable to their respective grades, smaller children usually requiring larger print.

Apart from its educational advantages, the progressive plan aims at lessening the expense in providing children with Catechisms, by furnishing just what is necessary for each grade; it aims also at encouraging the children to learn, by affording opportunity for promotion from book to book.

These Catechisms are intended to furnish a complete course of religious instruction, when, used as follows:

No. 00 for Prayer classes.
No. 0 for Confession classes and certain adults.
No. 1 for First Communion classes.
No. 2 for Confirmation classes.
No. 3 for two years' course for Post-Confirmation classes.
No. 4 for Teachers and Teachers' Training classes.

Preface to No. 3

I have been requested by several priests to prepare an abridgment of the "Explanation of the Baltimore Catechism" that would be suitable as a classbook for children who have been confirmed or who have completed the study of the Baltimore Catechism No. 2. The "Explanation" itself contains more matter than some of these children can master and it costs a little more than many of them can afford to pay. I have, therefore, selected from the list given in the back of the "Explanation" a large number of the more practical and important questions, to which I have added others, with answers, as full, brief and simple as the matter will permit. These questions and answers are added to those of the Baltimore Catechism No. 2, but with such distinction in type that all may see they are not a part of the Catechism prepared by the Council, but only a development of its meaning.

{T.N.: It is not practical below to mimic "such distinction in type" that exists in the original book. To indicate the questions prepared by the Council I have added in braces their corresponding numbers from Baltimore Catechism No. 2. For example, question 130 below is question 1 in Baltimore Catechism No. 2. Fr. Kinkead's supplemental questions lack this double numbering.}

Whenever questions on the same subject are repeated in the book their object is to bring out some new point or to show their connection with the subject-matter there explained.


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