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Stories from Pilgrim's Progress Told to the Children - Mary Macgregor

This version of Bunyan's Classic Christian allegory is adapted for young children and is very effective as a short but entertaining morality tale. It tells the story of a Christian pilgrim on his journey along the 'straight and narrow' road. Along the route he encounters such characters as 'Obstinate', 'Pliable', 'Hopeful', and 'Goodwill', and passes the 'Slough of Despond' and 'Vanity Fair'. His is briefly imprisoned at 'Doubting Castle', the domicile of 'Giant Despair' before escaping and continuing on his journey to the 'celestial city.'

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Christian and Evangelist

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In Dreamland

When the day is over, and the dark night comes, children often wander into a strange land,—the Land of Dreams.

Sometimes what they see and hear there is more strange than anything they see or hear in the wake-a-day world, and that is why, when morning comes, they long to tell their dreams to all who will listen.

More than two hundred years ago, a tinker, called John Bunyan, was imprisoned in Bedford Jail. But one night the tinker left his prison and wandered into the Land of Dreams, and there he saw wonderful sights and heard wonderful words.

As there was no one to listen to his dream, John Bunyan wrote it down and had it made into a book, and the book he called The Pilgrim's Progress. It is about the journey and adventures of a pilgrim and his companions.

Into this little book I have copied the adventures that will interest boys and girls, and that will make them want to read the whole of Bunyan's dream when they grow older.


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