History consists, for the greater part, of the miseries brought upon the world by pride, ambition, avarice, revenge, lust, sedition, hypocrisy, ungoverned zeal, and all the train of disorderly appetite. — Edmund Burke

This Country of Ours - H. E. Marshall

Marshall's history of the United States begins with a full account of the English exploration and settlement of North America and ends with the presidency of Woodrow Wilson. Nearly 100 stories from American history are grouped under 7 headings: Stories of Explorers and Pioneers, Stories of Virginia, Stories of New England, Stories of the Middle and Southern Colonies, Stories of the French in America, Stories of the Struggle for Liberty, and Stories of the United States under the Constitution.

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Departure of Mayflower

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Four years have come and gone since first you asked me to write a Story of the United States "lest you should grow up knowing nothing of your own country." I think, however, that you are not yet very grown up, not yet too "proud and great" to read my book. But I hope that you know something already of the history of your own country. For, after all, you know, this is only a play book. It is not a book which you need knit your brows over, or in which you will find pages of facts, or politics, and long strings of dates. But it is a book, I hope, which when you lay it down will make you say, "I'm glad that I was born an American. I'm glad that I can salute the stars and stripes as my flag."

Yes, the flag is yours. It is in your keeping and in that of every American boy and girl. It is you who in the next generation must keep it flying still over a people free and brave and true, and never in your lives do aught to dim the shining splendour of its silver stars.

Always your friend,


During my residence in California the Trustees of the A. K. Smiley Library, Redlands, with charming hospitality procured for me (sometimes sending the whole breadth of the continent for them) the many books necessary for the writing of this sketch of American history. Without this courtesy and kindness on their part it would have been impossible for me to continue my work while in California, and it gives me much pleasure thus publicly to acknowledge my indebtedness to them.

H. E. MARSHALL      

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Front Matter

The Vikings Find New Lands
The Faith of Columbus
The Sea of Darkness
Columbus Returned in Triumph
How America Was Named
England in the New World
France in Florida
French Colony in Florida
Spaniards Drive Out French
French Avenge Countrymen
Sir Humphrey Gilbert
Sir Walter Raleigh
Captain John Smith
More Captain John Smith
How the Colony Was Saved
Pocahontas over the Seas
How the Redmen Fought
A Duel with Tyranny
Coming of the Cavaliers
Bacon's Rebellion
Knights of Golden Horseshoe
The Pilgrim Fathers
Founding of Massachusetts
Story of Harry Vane
Story of Anne Hutchinson
Founding of Harvard
Quakers in New England
Maine and New Hampshire
Founding of Connecticut
Founding of New Haven
Hunt for the Regicides
King Philip's War
Charter of Connecticut
The Witches of Salem
The Founding of Maryland
New Amsterdam
German Rule in New York
Founding of New Jersey
Founding of Pennsylvania
Franklin in Philadelphia
Founding of the Carolinas
Indians in the Carolinas
Founding of Georgia
Mississippi is Discovered
King William's War
The Mississippi Bubble
A Terrible Disaster
End of French Rule in America
The Rebellion of Pontiac
The Boston Tea-Party
Paul Revere's Ride
The Battle of Bunker Hill
The War in Canada
The Birth of a Great Nation
Trenton and Princeton
Bennington and Oriskany
Bemis Heights, Saratoga
War on the Sea
The Battle of Monmouth
The Story of a Great Crime
A Turning Point
Washington in War and Peace
How Adams Kept the Peace
How Territory Was Doubled
How the Door Was Opened
A Man Who Would be King
The Shooting Star
War with Great Britain
Monroe's Famous Doctrine
The Tariff of Abominations
"Liberty and Union"
The Hero of Tippecanoe
Florida Becomes a State
How Much Land Was Added
The Finding of Gold
Union or Disunion
The Underground Railroad
Story of "Bleeding Kansas"
Story of the Mormons
The First Shots
Bull Run to Fort Donelson
Battle between Ironclads
The Battle of Shiloh
The Slaves Are Made Free
Death of Stonewall Jackson
The Battle of Gettysburg
Grant's Campaign
Sherman's March to the Sea
The End of the War
The President is Impeached
A Peaceful Victory
McKinley—Sudden Death
Troubles with Mexico
The Great War