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Story of Thomas Jefferson - J. W. McSpadden

Short biography of Thomas Jefferson which follows his career from a young law student, to that of President of the United States. He composed the declaration of Independence while still a young man, and did not become president until a quarter century afterward. Until that time he worked for the government of Virginia and spent many years as the American ambassador to France.

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In placing before the young people of America the story of the life of the great and good man, Thomas Jefferson, the writer has hoped to contribute something, however slight, toward their advancement in upright Americanism.

If imagination has had some small part in the telling of this, it has been used sparingly in the effort to breathe life again into those long dead days of struggle and growth toward an ideal.

Acknowledgments are due to many sources, especially to Parton's Life of Thomas Jefferson. To the biographies written by David Muzzey, James Schouler, John T. Morse, Jr., the writings of Thomas Jefferson himself, and to other historical and biographical works too numerous to mention here, appreciation and thanks are also most gratefully expressed.

Pasadena, California, June 1, 1922.

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