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Seth of Colorado - James Otis

This book tells the story of Seth, a young man who travels to Colorado with a family intent on homesteading in the area. After farming for a short time, Seth opens a store in the pioneer town of Auraria, across the river from an outpost at Denver. The families survive fires and flood and eventually see Denver grow into a substantial town.

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The author of this series of stories for children has endeavored simply to show why and how the descendants of the early colonists fought their way through the wilderness in search of new homes. The several narratives deal with the struggles of those adventurous people who forced their way westward, ever westward, whether in hope of gain or in answer to "the call of the wild," and who, in so doing, wrote their names with their blood across this country of ours from the Ohio to the Columbia.

To excite in the hearts of the young people of this land a desire to know more regarding the building up of this great nation, and at the same time to entertain in such a manner as may stimulate to noble deeds, is the real aim of these stories. In them there is nothing of romance, but only a careful, truthful record of the part played by children in the great battles with those forces, human as well as natural, which, for so long a time, held a vast portion of this broad land against the advance of home seekers.

With the knowledge of what has been done by our own people in our own land, surely there is no reason why one should resort to fiction in order to depict scenes of heroism, daring, and sublime disregard of suffering in nearly every form.


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Front Matter

How I Came to Write my Story
Who I am
My Great Loss
My Worldly Wealth
Plans for the Future
The Gold Fever
My Great Disappointment
Cured of the Gold Fever
My Opportunity
How I Might Work My Way
Keeping My Bargain
At Pueblo
A Welcome Time of Rest
Outbreak of Gold Fever
Opportunity for Money
Middleton Agrees With Me
Middleton's Proposition
Gold Seekers
Land Claims
Our Ranch
Building a Dwelling
Corn and Gold
Dreams of a Harvest
Disappointed Prospectors
Returning Evil for Good
Striving to Save Our Corn
Defending Our Own
A Council of War
Interview With The Enemy
Missouri Miners Make Sport
How to Collect The Debt
Possession of Cattle
Night Before the Battle
A War of Words
The Prospectors Try to Kill Us
A Real Battle
A Truce
Terms of Peace
The Enemy Surrenders
The Prospectors Depart
The Growth of Our City
Farming Or Mining
My Share of the Harvest
Middleton Goes on a Journey
Auraria and Denver
Middleton Turns Trader
Middleton's Plan
A Weighty Problem
Middleton's Partner
A Change of Homes
Arrival At Auraria
The Town of Denver
We Hire a Shop
I Regret Turning Merchant
How We Transported Goods
Middleton's Advice
The Tide of Emigration
Finding Goods By the Roadside
Gold in Colorado
How the Cities Grew
A Post Office in Auraria
Letters From Home
Our Business Flourishes
Denver Outstripping Auraria
Claim Jumping
The Claim Club
The Turkey War
The Need of Government
Union of Denver and Auraria
What Others Thought of Us
Territory of Colorado
Good Citizenship
Civil War Breaks Out
Need of a Jail
Denver in Flames
Our Loss By Fire
Mrs. Middleton Consoles Us
Good Resulting From Evil
Middleton's Honesty
Rebuilding Denver
The Flood
Destruction of the Town
In Great Peril
The City Destroyed
Our Lives Are Spared
Fears Regarding the Future
Uprising of the Indians
Begging for Help
A Famine Threatens
Horrors of an Indian War
My Duty at Home
Beginning Over Again
My Story is Done