Spartan Twins - Lucy F. Perkins

The Spartan Twins

[Illustration] from Spartan Twins by Lucy F. Perkins

The Characters in this Story are:—

MELAS, a Spartan living on the Island of Salamis, just off the coast of Greece. He is Overseer on the Farm of Pericles, Archon of Athens.

LYDIA, Wife of Melas, and Mother of Dion and Daphne.

DION and DAPHNE, Twin Son and Daughter of Melas and Lydia.

CHLOE, a young slave girl, belonging to Melas and Lydia. She had been abandoned by her parents when she was a baby, and left by the roadside to die of neglect or be picked up by some passer-by. She was found by Lydia and brought up in her household as a slave.

ANAXAGORAS, "the Stranger," a Philosopher,—friend of Pericles.

PERICLES, chief Archon of Athens.

LAMPON, a Priest.

A Priest of the Erechtheum.

DROMAS, LYCIAS, and others, Slaves on the Farm of Pericles.

Time: About the middle of the Fifth Century B.C..

[Illustration] from Spartan Twins by Lucy F. Perkins