Plot Against the Church: Part 4 - Maurice Pinay

Jewish 'Fifth Column'
in Russian Orthodox Church

Before Jewry took root in Russia, the Jews had become powerful in the Ukraine. Their revolutionary activity was suppressed, and the consequence of this was that many of them were apparently converted to the Christianity of the Greek-Orthodox and later to the Russian-Orthodox Church. As with Catholicism, they were also in these churches the spreaders of the heretical-revolutionary movements.

Concerning one of these revolutionary organisations which shattered the Russian church and Christianity, the Hebrew Encyclopaedia studied by us reports the official work of Jewry. The sect was spread by the Passagii. In the Encyclopaedia it is stated literally:

"The concealed Jewish nucleus of the Passagii revealed itself in the development of its doctrine with the 'Shidovstvuyushtchiye' (Judaizers) in Russia in the 15th century. This sect, whose first apostle was the Jew Shkariya of Kiev who even won over the princes and the highest clergy of Moscow, believed that Christ had still not come, and, if he came, then not as son of God, as essence, but through his good deeds like Moses and the Prophets."

As one can see, this sect first spread itself in the Catholic world and was then introduced by a Jew into the Russian-Orthodox Church. Other sects, on the other hand, such as those of the Cathars, arose apparently in the Byzantine Empire and were later spread in Christianity. How serious this crisis was, can be recognised from an assertion of the Jews in their Encyclopaedia mentioned, where it is stated that the heresy provoked by a Jew in the middle of the 15th century, i.e. approximately five hundred years ago, gained to its side the greatest part of the orthodox clergy of Moscow. Also under the word Rusia (Russia) in Volume IX of the Jewish-Spanish Encyclopaedia this powerful heretical movement is mentioned, and it is asserted that the Church "attributed it directly to the influence of Jewish preachers", and other sources see a connection between it with the sects of the Sabbatarians which were very widespread in south and east Europe during the time of the Reformation, and concerning which the Jewish Encyclopaedia affirms that they had "unquestionable nexuses with Judaism".

Accordingly this monumental work of the Synagogue quotes the opinion of Dubnovs:

"At the same time there arose in Moscow, as result of secret Jewish propaganda, a religious movement, which is described as Jewish heresy. According to Russian chronicles, its founder was the learned Jew Sjaria (Zejarya), who, together with several fellow believers, emigrated from Kiev to the old Russian city of Novgorod. During the religious unrest then prevailing in Novgorod, the new sect of the Strigolniki (named after their founder Carp Strigolnik) had come into existence in this city, who announced the lifting of the Christian rites and did not recognise Christ as God. Zejarya approached various representatives of the orthodox clergy and was able to convert them to Judaism. The leaders of the rebels of Novgorod, the priests Denis and Alexei, went in 1490 to Moscow and there converted a great number of Greek-Orthodox believers. Some of them even had themselves circumcised. The Jewish heresy soon took firm root among the Moscow nobility and in court circles. To their adherents belonged also Helene, the daughter-in-law of the Grand Prince.

"The Bishop of Novgorod Henadio declared the spreading of the Jewish sects to be dangerous and made courageous efforts to root them out in his diocese. In Moscow the struggle against the new doctrine was exceedingly difficult. However, there also it succeeded in finally blocking their further progress thanks to the vigorous efforts of Henadio and other righteous stalwarts. Upon decision of the Church Council of 1504, and upon command of Ivan III, the chief rebels were burned alive and their supporters taken prisoner or concealed in monasteries. Through these measures the Jewish heresy was destroyed."

And the quoted Jewish Encyclopaedia closes with the following interesting commentary:

"However, the Jewish tendencies did not completely die out in the Russian people and occasionally made themselves perceptible centuries later in a way and manner which disturbed the imperial government."

The Jewish Fifth Column in the Russian-Orthodox Church later gained in strength through the following mock conversions of the Jews to Christianity. In the 17th century apparently many Jews were converted to Christianity and pretended to be good Christians. But in their innermost heart they remained secret Jews and hated the Russian tradition. These secret Jews were known in Jewish circles by the name Shobatnik. Several studies were made of them. Chachem Joseph Israel Benjamin, the famed Jewish leader, compiled, for example, the historic data about the Shobatnik and published it in Tiemsan, Algeria, under the title Four Years War of the Poles against the Russians and Tartars, 1648-1652. The Czar Nicholas I attempted to solve the Jewish problem, but made the tragic error of compelling the Jews to be converted to Christianity. The catastrophic result was an enormous number of mock-conversions. The Jews displayed in public a dishonest Christianity, while in secret they were as Jewish as before and had their sons ordained as priests, infiltrating them into the hierarchy of the Orthodox clergy, just as their crypto-Jewish brothers had done in the Catholic and Protestant clergy.

One must, however, recognise that the Czars, the Orthodox Church and the Russian people in equal degree violently opposed the Jews penetrating into Russia. Although the latter at first came in great masses, especially at the time when Russia conquered a great part of Poland, the Orthodox Church, the state and the people continued to fight heroically against the Jewish communities, which became as numerous as no others in the world. With the aid of international Jewry the Jews were finally successful in triumphing at first in the March revolution of 1917 and later in the Bolshevist October revolution.

The help of the Jewish Fifth Column in the Russian Orthodox Church was thereby decisive. It would otherwise have been impossible for such a weak Communist party, which in a land with a total population of a hundred million inhabitants had only a few thousand supporters, to triumph so easily and quickly. It triumphed because the members of the Jewish Fifth Column possessed the key positions of the parties of the Right, of the Centre and of the extreme Left, sabotaged the defence of traditional Russia and with evil-willed intrigues destroyed and brought into discredit those who could have saved the country. At the decisive moment the Jew Kerensky and his accomplices handed over power to a band of Jewish criminals, who tyrannised the Russian people from then onwards.

As soon as the Jewish band under Lenin imposed their bloody dictatorship in Russia, it had archbishops, bishops, priests and clergy of all ranks who held firm to their faith, murdered and replaced them with Jews in the Soutane, as intellectuals who have fled from the lands ruled by the beast have informed the free world. These Jewish Communists in priestly garb (in the sequel to this work we will prove, that they do in fact exist) snatched to themselves the patriarchate and the Bishoprics of the heroic old Russian-Orthodox Church. Although the latter favoured the schism of Constantinople to the harm of our Catholics, it must nevertheless be recognised that it fought bitterly to preserve the nation from falling into the hands of the Synagogue of Satan. As the exiled bishops of the real orthodox Church of the "Free World" have informed us, today both the Patriarch of Moscow as also the remaining clergy are Communist agents in priestly robes, who use their holy office in order to carry on Bolshevist propaganda, in order in various ways and means to make easier the triumph of Communism. They wished to weaken the defence of the free world and to deceive it with the myth that Communism does not persecute the Church and that a peaceful coexistence is possible with atheistic Marxism.

As we already know, with this coexistence only the intention is followed, of causing the Holy Catholic Church to conclude an alliance with the anti-Christ, in order to demoralise the activity of the Russian exiles and the patriots in Poland, Hungary, Rumania, Yugoslavia and the other tyrannised lands and to nullity the efforts of those who fight persistently and tenaciously to free their states from the bloody criminal yoke of the Jewish Marxists. This pact with the Devil would finally also demoralise the Christians in the U.S.A. who, in spite of high taxes, make great sacrifices in order to finance the defence of the free world.

The American people, which is already weakened through the treachery of many rulers, would be completely demoralised if it noticed that Holy Church threw its sheep into the gullet of the wolf and concluded a league with the Devil.

This is the plan for the next Ecumenical Council. As we have experienced, they will then make use of the Communists in the Soutane, who have illegally appropriated the offices in the Russian-Orthodox Church, as well as of the World Church Council, which controls a great part of the Protestant Churches. Protestant patriots of the USA have repeatedly accused the World Council of Churches in the press of treachery against Protestantism, the U.SA. and the Free World, for its policy was clearly directed to a pact with the Kremlin and the betrayal of the Free World. However, we are convinced that God will allow His Holy Church to continue to exist and will once again cause the rancours of the dragon of Hell and its synagogue to fail. At the Council a new Athanasius, Ambrose, John Chrysostom or St. Bernard will appear and at a critical moment cause the failure of the dark plans of Jewish Communism and its Fifth Column in the clergy, even if they believe they already have the Council under their control and break out into a cry of jubilation. They claim to be able to cause the Council to approve reforms which would finally ruin the Church and would allow international Communism to triumph.

Among other things, they wish to attain that the ban against Communism is lifted and peaceful coexistence with the anti-Christ is approved. The Jewish bands of the Kremlin and their clergy of the Fifth Column wish that the Soviet authorities should suddenly liberate bishops and priests imprisoned for years, in order to then lead them in triumphant procession through Rome. Exaggerated good-will letters to the Pope and the Holy Council from the side of the Communist authorities and other proofs of friendship shatter the resolution of the Fathers of the Council to continue to fight against Communism and are intended to cause them to approve the policy of peaceful coexistence, which Jewry and its satellites wish to force upon the higher clergy of the Church. The Communists know how to negotiate and in exchange for a few gestures, which shows good will, to obtain in exchange the destruction of the Church defence against Marxism and to attain that a peaceful coexistence is made possible, which shall only occasion Holy Church to no longer fight against atheistic Communism, so that the latter can more easily rule the world. For relatively insignificant concessions they wish to attain essential advantages, which secure to them the victory over the free world.

Why do they not abolish the atheistic materialism of Communism if they really wish to conclude peace with Holy Church? Why do they not release the Catholic Poles and Czechoslovakia from slavery, withdraw Soviet troops from these lands and allow free elections? Why do they not do the same with the remaining Christian nations which they have subjected? Why do they not abandon the anti-Christian and anti-religious propaganda which takes their faith from the true Christians? But they wish that the hands and feet of the Church are bound in practice and that the "Red Beast" is able to gradually consume the whole world. In exchange they make a few gestures which show apparent good will but stand in no relation to the concessions which they demand. A learned Rumanian academician, who fled to the west from the Communist tyranny, gives us a valuable report about the present position of the Russian-Orthodox Church, which we reproduce below.

Among the thousands of priests whom the Jews have murdered in Russia are:

  • The Archbishop Veniamin of Petrograd
  • The Bishop Pantelimon of Polosky
  • The Bishop Nokodim of Bielgorodsky
  • The Archbishop Grigory of Katharinenburg
  • The Archbishop Tihon of Voronej
  • The Archbishop Vladimir of Kiev
  • The Bishop Mitrofanis from the province of Arkanghelsk
  • The Archbishop Vasily from Chernikovsky
  • The Bishop Makarie Orlovsky of the Russian
  • Bishopric in the North
  • The Archbishop Andronik of Perm
  • The Bishop Amborzie of Viatka
  • The Bishop Ermoghene of Tobolsk
  • The Bishop Grigorie of Novgorod
  • The Vicar Isidor of Novgorod
  • The Bishop Pimin of Turkestan
  • The Bishop Efrem of Vladivostok
  • The Bishop Laurentius of Nijinovgorod.

In the same way as the Churches, all monasteries, seminaries and printing works of the Church were closed. The entire Church organisation was destroyed and every Christian cult forbidden. Religion (naturally not the Jewish) was regarded by the Jews, as Lenin had said, as the "Opium of the People". After everything had been destroyed and many millions of Christians were murdered, "the tyrants of Communist Russia considered it convenient to again seemingly reintroduce freedom of religion, in order to deceive the still free Christian peoples and to diminish the hostility of Christians towards the Communist regime.

The murderers of the Kremlin (continues the Rumanian Traian Romanescu in his report) found among themselves a capable man, who could play the role of "Patriarch of Moscow," and provide the impression that the Russian-Orthodox Church again created "Patriarchs". But the latter is no Christian.

"The Patriarch Alexei is in reality called Rubin. He is a Jew from Odessa in the Ukraine, and his family there owned a transit house in the harbour before the revolution. The present Russian-Orthodox Church is only a secret tool of the Communist regime and its representatives abroad, just as the Russian-Orthodox Bishops in North America, Paris and Jerusalem are members of the Soviet secret service and are just as dangerous as the Soviet spies who come to the West as diplomats."

This representation of facts, which we have taken from the work The Great Jewish Conspiracy of the Rumanian academician Traian Romanescu, brings before our eyes how the Jews at first murdered the true Christian Bishops in masses, in order then to hand over manu militari the direction of the Russian-Orthodox Church to the Jewish Fifth Column It is thus not remarkable that the members of the Fifth Column in the Catholic clergy can easily come to an agreement with their secret Jewish brothers in the Orthodox clergy. The scandalous events which await us in the next few months can only surprise those who do not know what goes on behind the scenes, to use the aptly chosen words of Benjamin Disraeli.