Freemasonry and Judaism - Leon de Poncins

Jewish Influence in Freemasonry

What is the directing influence in Freemasonry? Many people answer: The Jewish power.

Here we enter upon a forbidden subject on which it is prohibited to touch. For the Jewish question is closely linked with the masonic question.

At the present time Jews and Freemasons are working in collaboration throughout the whole world for the triumph of the universal revolution. The high masonic posts are for the most part held by Jews in various countries.

There are lodges which are exclusively Jewish such as the notorious masonic order of Bnai-Brith whose headquarters is in Chicago.

The Jewish spirit dominates masonry and imprints upon it that anti-Christian hatred the fierceness of which would otherwise be difficult to explain.

Masonry everywhere upholds and defends Jewish interests. From whence does this alliance date?

The Origin of Freemasonry and the Jews

Two theories are afoot. One (the theory of Gougenot des Mousseaux, Copin-Albancelli, etc.) is that the Jews have entirely created masonry in order to corrupt the nations of Christian civilization and to propagate behind this veil the general revolution which is to bring about the domination of Israel. It is simply a tool and a means in the hands of the Jews.

In support of this we can quote the article of Dr. Isaac M. Wise published in the Israelit of America 3rd August 1866:

"Masonry is a Jewish institution, whose history, decrees, charges, passwords and explanations are Jewish from beginning to end."

The other theory (Webster, Wichtl. etc.) is: that Freemasonry was a good and sound institution in principle, but revolutionary agitators, principally Jews, taking advantage of its organization as a secret society, penetrated it little by little.

They have corrupted it and turned it from its moral and philanthropic aim in order to employ it for revolutionary purposes. This would explain why certain parts of Freemasonry have remained intact such as English masonry.

In support of this theory we may quote what a Jew, Bernard Lazare has said in his book: l'antisemitisme:

"What were the relations between the Jews and the secret societies? That is not easy to elucidate, for we lack reliable evidence. Obviously they did not dominate in these associations, as the writers, whom I have just mentioned, pretend; they were not necessarily the soul, the head, the grand master of masonry as Gougenot des Mousscaux affirms. It is certain however that there were Jews in the very cradle of masonry, kabbalist Jews, as some of the rites which have been preserved prove.

"It is most probable that, in the years which preceded the French Revolution, they entered the councils of this sect in increasing numbers and founded secret societies themselves, There were Jews with Weishaupt, and Martinez de Pasqualis, a Jew of Portuguese origin, organized numerous groups of illuminati in France and recruited many adepts whom he initiated into the dogma of reinstatement. The Martinezist lodges were mystic, while the other masonic orders were rather rationalist; a fact which permits us to say that the secret societies represented the two sides of Jewish mentality: practical rationalism and pantheism, that pantheism which, although it is a metaphysical reflection of belief in an only God, yet sometimes leads to kabbalistic tehurgy.

"One could easily show the agreements of these two tendencies, the alliance of Cazotte, of O.gliostro, of Martinez, of Saint Martin, of the comte dc St Germain, of Eckartshauscn, with the Encyclopedists and the Jacobins, and the manner in which, in spite of their opposition, they arrived at the same result, the weakening of Christianity. That will once again serve to prove that the Jews could be good agents of the secret societies, because the doctrines of these societies were in agreement with their own doctrines, but not that they were the originators them.

Both sides bring arguments in support of their respective theories which may be summed up as follows:

I. First Theory

Occidental people of Christian civilisation would have been incapable of this creation, for the secret society is the manifestation of an oriental and anti-Christian mentality; the perfection of Masonic organisation proves that its founders had great experiences of secret societies.

The universality of Freemasonry, its duration, its finity of aim which can be explained if it is Jewish and serving Jewish interests, becomes incomprehensible if it is of Christian origin.

The very aim of Freemasonry: the destruction of Christian civilization, reveals the Jew, for he alone can gain from it, and he alone is actuated by a sufficiently violent hatred against Christianity to be capable of this creation.

I. Second Theory

The principal argument of its partisans is that history does not show the Jews in the beginning of Freemasonry; that they only appear in it about the first third of the nineteenth century and at that time did not yet play an original part in it.

In any case the question has mainly a retrospective interest; what concerns us is the present result. How it was achieved is a secondary consideration. The actual result is not doubtful. Judeo-masonry is at the head of the revolutionary movement and the preponderance of Jewish influence in Freemasonry is for many indisputable. It is demonstrated by reason, by Jewish assertions and by facts.

Jewish influence demonstrated

I. By Reason

The chief argument may be thus summed up:

  1. Freemasonry is a secret society.
  2. It is directed by an international minority.
  3. It has sworn implacable hatred to Christianity.

These three characteristic features are the very ones which characterize Jewry, which would prove that Jews are the directing element of the lodge. Only the Jews have anything to gain from the aim of masonry.

"These occult societies have definitively no other real aim but that of the Judaic associations of which they are only a variant with a semi-Christian physiognomy; for the thought which directs them is the same, and we knew it before an accident had revealed the correspondence of Nubius with Piccolo-Tigre; for all their labour is limited to, all their activity applied to and expended in the propagation and hatching out of ideas and facts which must mean the annihilation of the doctrine of Christ in Christian societies. In other words, the sole aim of their efforts is the realization of the triumph of Judaic ideas, proclaimed under the name of "modern principles", by Israel itself, and of which the consequence is the Messianic age which they summon in their prayers."

Arthur Preuss, an American writer, has shown in his work A Study in American Freemasonry, the close affinities between masonry and the Jewish kabbala. These may be summed up in the following quotation from the celebrated mason Albert Pike:

"All true dogmatical religions come from the Kabbala and lead back to it: all that is scientific and great in the religious dreams of all the illuminated such as Jacob Boehme Swedenborg, St Martin and others similar is borrowed from, the Kabbala. All the masonic associations owe their secrets and symbols to it."

II. By Jewish Affirmation

Let us recall the words of Dr. Isaac M. Wise: Freemasonry is a Jewish institution. The Jewish World wrote:

"In the face of it how could they [the Freemasons] honour king Solomon and reproach one of their own day for having the same blood in his veins as had the king? Regard for king Solomon, surely should teach them to regard with sympathy all who belong to the nation of which he was the glorious head. We hope that this will tend to put an end to any boycotting of Jews by Freemasons. It is strange it should have occurred, seeing how much, as Sir William Raynor hinted, Freemasonry owes to what is essentially Jewish.

Already in 1901 the German mason Findel wrote:

"It is less a question of a struggle for the interests of humanity than a struggle for the interests and the domination of Judaism. And, in this struggle, Judaism reveals itself as the dominant power to which Freemasonry must submit. Indeed, we should not be astonished by this; for in a hidden and carefully disguised manner Judaism is already in fact the dominating power in many a great lodge of Europe.

"So far as Germany is concerned, it must not be forgotten that it is master of the financial and commercial markets, master of the press, both political and masonic, and that millions of Germans are financially its debtors."

III. By the Facts

To show in detail the preponderance of Jewish influence in Freemasonry would be to write the history of modern Freemasonry and of all recent revolutions. (A complete summary of this question would exceed our limits, but for more information, we refer readers to following books: Dr Wichtl, Weltfreimaurerei, chapter viii; A. Rosenberg, Verbrechen der Freimaurcrei, chap, iv: Mgr. Jouin, Le peril judeo-maconnique, specially, t. iv.)

Let us recall two recent examples: the Bolshevist revolutions in Bavaria and in Hungary. The documents which were thereafter published were seized by the Hungarian government in the archives of the masonic lodges of Buda-Pesth, and their authenticity cannot be doubted. We have already given a summary of them, so it is unnecessary to return to the subject.

We shall see, further on, the part of Judeo-masonry in the Bolshevist revolution in Bavaria.

We can then say with all certainty: There is a close alliance between the Freemasons and the Jews, and, without our having absolute material proofs of it which would be difficult to obtain in such a secret matter, there is a collection of facts which lend to prove the Jews as being the directing influence in Freemasonry.

So in conclusion we may quote this passage from N. H. Webster:

"Behind the concrete forces of Revolution, beyond that invisible secret circle which perhaps directs them all, is there not yet another force, still more potent, that must be taken into account? In looking back over the centuries at the dark episodes that have marked the history of the human race from its earliest origins — strange and horrible cults, waves of Witchcraft, blasphemies and desecrations — how is it possible to ignore the existence of an occult power at work in the world? Individuals, sects, or races fired with the desire of world domination have provided the fighting forces of destruction. But behind them are the veritable powers of darkness in eternal conflict with the powers of light."