Freemasonry and Judaism - Leon de Poncins

Jews and Socialism

We have dwelt at length with Bolshevism, for it has shown the revolutionary action of the Jews in the full light of day; their part in it has become apparent indeed during the violent revolution, but although less visible, they are none the less the directors of revolutionary socialism in all its forms all over the world.

Kadmi Cohen, a Polish-French proponent of Zionism, wrote in Nomades, 1929:

"In that which concerns the Jews, their part in world socialism is so important that it is impossible to pass it over in silence. Is it not sufficient to recall the names of the great Jewish revolutionaries of the 19th and 20th centuries, Karl Marx, Lassalle, Kurt Eisner, Bela Kuhn, Trotsky, Leon Blum, so that the names of the theorists of modern socialism should at the same time be mentioned? If it is not possible to declare Bolshevism, taken as a whole, a Jewish creation it is nevertheless true that the Jews have furnished several leaders to the Maximalist movement and that in fact they have played a considerable part in it.

"Jewish tendencies towards communism, apart from all material collaboration with party organizations, what a strong confirmation do they not find in the deep aversion which, a great Jew, a great poet, Heinrich Heine felt for Roman Law! The subjective causes, the passionate causes of the revolt of Rabbi Aqiba and of Bar Kocheba in the year 70 a.d. against the Pax Romana and the Jus Romanum were understood and felt subjectively and passionately by a Jew of the 19th century who apparently had maintained no connection with his race!

"Both the Jewish revolutionaries and the Jewish communists who attack the principle of private property, of which the most solid monument, is the Codex Juris Civilis of Justinianus of Ulpian, etc., are doing nothing different from their ancestors who resisted Vespasian and Titus.

"In reality it is the dead who speak!"

Jews were the creators of socialism. The great prophet of the collectivist idea and the founder of the International, Karl Marx, was a Jew whose real name was Mordechai. Jews are the present leaders of the movement and its funds are from Jewish sources which explains perhaps the limitless amount of the resources at the disposal of the socialists; in France, the newspaper Humanite has been founded by Jewish money.

It is the same for the greater part of socialist newspapers throughout the world. In England, Jewish influence on the less extreme forms of Socialism in this country is no less apparent. If the Labour Party is solidly pro-German, it; is also solidly pro-Jewish. [Written in 1929, during the Weimer Republic]

Moreover, on the subject of Jewish influence in socialism, nobody is more definite than one of the spiritual leaders of Judaism, Mr. Alfred Nossig, who says word for word in his book "Le Judaisme integral" (Integral Judaism):

"68. Socialism and the Mosaic code are programmes which are not at all in opposition. Between the fundamental ideas of the two doctrines there is on the contrary a striking agreement. Jewish nationalism ought not to turn from Socialism as from a danger which threatens its ideal, nor Jewish Socialism turn from the Mosaic code. The two parallel ideals will be realized by following the same road.

"71. From an examination of the facts it emerges in an irrefutable manner that it is not only modern Jews who have co-operated in a decisive manner in the creation of socialism; their own Fathers were already the founders of the Mosaic system . . . or in another form the Mosaic system is socialism freed from the Utopias and Terror of Communism, as well as from the "ascese" [asceticism] of Christianity.

"The Mosaic code throughout the ages both as a doctrine, and as a law, has influenced some consciously and others unconsciously.

"74. The modem socialist movement is in great part the work of Jews; it was the Jews who imprinted upon it the mark of their brain; it was equally the Jews who had a preponderant part in the government of the first socialist republics, although the Jewish socialist leaders were for the most part estranged from Judaism; in spite of which the part which they played did not depend on them alone; in them was operating in an unconscious fashion the race-cultural system of the Mosaic doctrine, the blood of the old apostolic people was living in their brain and in their social temperament.

"Present day world socialism forms the first stage in the accomplishment of the Mosaic teaching, the beginning of the realization of the future state of the world announced by our prophets.

"79. It is not until there will be a League of Nations, it is not until its allied armies will be employed in an efficacious manner for the protection of all the weak races, that we shall be able to hope that the Jews will be in a position to develop without hindrance their national state, in Palestine, and equally it will only be a League of Nations impregnated with the socialist spirit which will render possible for us the possession of our international as well as of our national requirements.

"This is why all Jewish groups whatever they are, Zionists or adepts of the Diaspora, have a vital interest in the victory of socialism: they must exact it not only on principle, not only because of its identify with the Mosaic doctrine, but also on tactical grounds.

"87. The Jewish socialist is reproached with playing a leading part not only in the collectivist party but also in the communist terrorist party. This must be regretted by all Jews, who in as much as they are true disciples of the Mosaic teaching, disapprove of the Terror. This is only explained by two reasons; the complete estrangement of the Jewish terrorists from the spirit of the Mosaic doctrine and the strong mixture of Tartar and Cossack blood. That has not prevented the dissenters of Jewish race from being exalted in the socialist idea, but it has inculcated in them savage and cruel principles."

We have just seen the preponderant part played by Judaism in the modern revolutionary movement, Bolshevism, socialism etc. Let us now examine the direction of Jewish influence in the world in general and in the different branches of human activity.