Nameless War - Archibald Ramsay

Appendix 3: The Jews in Britain

1215 Magna Carta
1255 Ritual murder of St. Hugh of Lincoln. Henry III personally ordered trial and 18 culprits were executed — all Jews.
1275 The Statute of Jewry passed; confined Jews to certain areas, forbade usury to them and also ownership of land and contact with the people: compelled them to wear a yellow badge.
1290 Edward I banished the Jews from England.
1657 Oliver Cromwell, having been financed by Manasseh Ben Israel and Moses Carvajal, allows Jews to return to England, though order of banishment never rescinded by Parliament.
1689 Amsterdam Jews financed the rebellion against King James II. The chief of these — Solomon Medina — follows William of Orange to England.
1694 The Bank of "England" set up and the National Debt instituted, securing for the Jew moneylenders a first charge on the taxes of England for interest on their loans.
1694 The right to print money transferred from the Crown to the "Bank of England".
1707 Economic and political union forced upon Scotland against the vote of every county and borough; the national debt foisted upon Scotland, and the royal mint in Edinburgh suppressed.