Julius Caesar - Ada Russell

The life of Julius Caesar spans one of the most fascinating and important periods in all of Ancient history, and this book does an excellent job of bringing all the characters of the age to life. The first century B.C. saw the collapse of a corrupt republic, a number of savage civil wars, and the rise of a relatively benign tyranny under Caesar. The book devotes just enough attention to the political dramas of the time to give intermediate students some idea of the vicious politicking of the era, without being tiring.

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  • Suetonius' History of Twelve Caesars (translated into English by Philemon Holland, 1606; reprinted 1899. This version is an English classic, but a more faithful translation is to be found in the Loeb Library, 1914).
  • Sallust's Bellum Catilinarium (translated by Pollard, 1882). Epitomes of the lost books of Livy.

Among modern authorities may be mentioned:

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