History of the Church: Christian Antiquity - Notre Dame

Chronological Outline

Date  Events
           FIRST CENTURY
31   Ascension.
51   Council of the Apostles.
64   First persecution . SS. Peter and Paul.
70   Destruction of Jerusalem.
95   Second persecution.
106   Third persecution St. Simon—St. Ignatius of Antioch.
161   Fourth persecution St. Felicitas and her seven sons—"Thundering Legion."
202   Fifth persecution . St. Perpetua—Martyrs of Lyons.
           THIRD CENTURY
235   Sixth persecution . chiefly Popes and clergy.
249   Seventh persecution . Great multitudes.
277   Eighth persecution SS. Cyprian, Sixtus, Lawrence.
274   Ninth persecution . St. Dionysius of Paris—Theban Legion—St. Sebastian.
303   Tenth persecution . St. Agnes—St. Alban.
312   Triumph of Christianity through accession of Constantine.
325   First General Council—Nicaea—Arian heresy.
363   Death of Julian the Apostate.
373   St. Athanasius,
381   Second General Council—First Constantinople—Macedonian heresy.
397   St. Ambrose.
           FIFTH CENTURY
407   St. John Chrysostom.
410   Rome taken by Alaric the Visigoth.
420   St. Jerome, translator of Bible.
430   St. Augustine of Hippo.
431   Third General Council—Ephesus—Nestorian heresy.
432   St. Patrick in Ireland.
449   Saxons land in Britain.
451   Fourth General Council—Chalcedon—Eutychian heresy.
451   Attila, the Hun, threatens Rome.
455   Genseric the Vandal plunders Rome.
496   Fall of west Roman Empire under Romulus Augustulus.
496   Baptism of Clovis, King of the Franks.