Builders of our Country Vol. I - G. Southworth


1000. The Northmen explore the mainland of North America.
1271-1295. Marco Polo visits China.
1492. Columbus discovers the West Indies (San Salvador).
1497. The Cabots discover the North American continent.
1498. Columbus on his third voyage discovers South America.
1507. The New World named after Americus Vespucius.
1513. Ponce de Leon claims Florida for Spain. Balboa discovers the Pacific Ocean.
1519-1521. Cortez conquers Mexico.
1519-1522. Magellan's ships sail around the world.
1524. Verrazano explores the Atlantic coast from North Carolina to Newfoundland.
1525-1541. Pizarro explores, conquers, and rules Peru.
1535 Cartier discovers the St. Lawrence River.
1541. De Soto discovers the Mississippi.
1562-1565. French Huguenots under Ribaut and Laudonniere attempt settlements on the South Atlantic coast.
1565. Spaniards under Menendez make the settlement of St. Augustine.
1577-1580. Sir Francis Drake sails around the world.
1579. Drake explores the coast of California.
1578-1583. Sir Humphrey Gilbert attempts to plant a colony in North America and explores the coast from Newfoundland to the Kennebec River.
1584-1587. Sir Walter Raleigh sends an exploring expedition to the eastern coast of America and attempts a settlement on Roanoke Island.
1604. Acadia settled by the French.
1607. Expedition sent out by the London Company makes the settlement of Jamestown.
1608. Champlain founds Quebec.
1609. Henry Hudson explores the Hudson River.
1610. Henry Hudson reaches Hudson Bay.
1613. First settlements made by the Dutch, on Manhattan Island.
1619. Slavery introduced into Virginia.
1620. The Pilgrims land at Plymouth.
1628. First settlement of Puritans at Salem, Massachusetts.
1630. Governor Winthrop and Puritans come to New England and found Boston.
1634. English Roman Catholics under Lord Baltimore found Maryland and make the first settlement at St. Mary's.
1636. Roger Williams founds Providence.
1637. Pequot War.
1638. Delaware settled by the Swedes.
1664. The Dutch surrender New Netherland to the English.
1673. Joliet and Marquette journey down the Mississippi.
1675. King Philip's War.
1676. Bacon's Rebellion and the burning of Jamestown.
1681. English Quakers under William Penn colonize Pennsylvania.
1682. The Quakers under Penn found Philadelphia.
1682. La Salle explores the Mississippi to the Gulf of Mexico and claims Louisiana for France.
1733. English (mostly debtors) under Oglethorpe found Georgia and make the first settlement at Savannah.
1749-1763. Last of the French and Indian Wars.
1754. Colonial Congress at Albany; Franklin's plan of union.
1755. Braddock's defeat at Fort Duquesne.
1757. French capture Forts William Henry and Ticonderoga.
1758. English capture Forts Duquesne and Frontenac.
1759. Siege of Quebec.
1763. Treaty of Paris.

Explorers And Discoverers

Columbus, 1st voyage. 1492. Spain. Discovered the West Indies (San Salvador, Cuba, and Haiti).
Columbus, 2rd voyage. 1493. Spain. Discovered Porto Rico.
Columbus, 3rd voyage. 1498. Spain. Discovered Orinoco River.
Columbus, 4th voyage. 1502. Spain. Explored the coast of Central America and the Isthmus of Panama.
Cabot, John. 1497. England. Discovered North America at Cape Breton.
Cabot, Sebastian. 1498. England. Explored the coast from Labrador to Virginia.
Amerigo Vespucius. 1499. Spain. Visited coast of South America. Later wrote of his travels, which led to the naming of the New World in his honor.
Ponce de Leon. 1513. Spain. Discovered and named Florida.
Balboa. 1513. Spain. Discovered the Pacific Ocean, which he named the South Sea.
Cortez. 1519—1521. Spain. Conquered Mexico.
Magellan. 1519—1522. Spain. Magellan's expedition was the first to circumnavigate the globe. Magellan named the Pacific Ocean.
Cartier. 1535. France. Discovered and explored the St. Lawrence River.
De Soto. 1541. Spain. Discovered the Mississippi.
Drake. 1577—1580. England. Explored the Pacific coast of America. The first Englishman to circumnavigate the globe.
Raleigh. 1584. England. Sent an exploring expedition to North America. Land visited named Virginia in honor of Queen Elizabeth,
Raleigh. 1585—1587. England. Attempted to plant an English colony in Virginia. The attempts failed.
Henry Hudson. 1609. Dutch. Discovered the Hudson River. The Dutch claims were based on Hudson's discovery.
Champlain. 1608. France. Founded Quebec.
Champlain. 1609. France. Discovered and named Lake Champlain.
Marquette and Joliet. 1673. France. Explored the Mississippi from the Wisconsin to the Arkansas.
La Salle. 1682. France. Explored the Mississippi River to its mouth and took possession for France of all the land drained by the Mississippi and its tributaries. Named this claim Louisiana.