Tudors and Stuarts - M. B. Synge

Summary of Chief Dates—Tudor and Stuart Periods

I. Revision Dates

410. Romans left Britain
901. King Alfred died
1066. Norman Conquest
1215. The Great Charter
1265. The First Parliament
1314. Scottish Independence
1428. Joan of Arc saves France
1476. Caxton's Printing Press

II. Tudor and Stuart Sovereigns

1485-1509.Henry VII
1509-1547.Henry VIII
1547-1553.Edward VI
1603-1625.James I
1625-1649.Charles I
1660-1685.Charles II
1685-1688.James II
1689-1694.William and Mary
1694-1702.William III alone

Chief Events

1486. Cape of Good Hope discovered
1492. Columbus discovers the New World
1517. Luther makes his "Protest"
1534. Act of Supremacy
1649. Edward's VI's First Prayer Book
1587. Mary Queen of Scots executed
1588. Spanish Armada defeated
1801. First Poor Law
1605. Gunpowder Plot
1620. Puritans found New England (America)
1628. Petition of Right
1638. Scots sign National Covenant
1642. Civil War begins
1649, Trial and Execution of Charles I
1655. Jamaica captured
1660-1665. Acts against Nonconformists
1678-1685. Popery Plots and Riots
1688. William of Orange invited by the Whigs
1689. Bill of Rights secures triumph of Parliament
  Toleration Act—Toleration for Nonconformists
1701. Act of Settlement secures Protestant Succession
1704. Battle of Blenheim. Marlborough defeats the French
 Capture of Gibraltar by England
1707. Union of Scotland and England