Reign of Queen Victoria - M. B. Synge

Appendix II: Chief Events of the Reign of Victoria

1837. Accession of Queen Victoria.
  Electric telegraph.
1838. Lord Durham to Canada.
  Aden ceded to England.
1839. The Durham Report.
  Annexation of New Zealand.
  First Bradshaw's Railway Guide.
1840. Union of Canada.
  War with Egypt.
  Transportation abolished.
  Invasion of Afghanistan.
  Penny post introduced.
  Marriage of the Queen.
1841. Chinese Opium War.
  Hong Kong ceded to England.
  Birth of the Prince of Wales.
1842. First Afghan War.
  Introduction of Income Tax.
  Chartist petition.
1843. Natal—a British Colony.
  Gold Coast—a Crown Colony.
  Annexation of Sind.
1845. Failure of potato crops.
1846. Irish famine.
  Free Trade.
  First public baths.
  Labuan—a Crown Colony.
1848. Chartist petition.
  Chloroform first used.
  Queen's College open to women.
  Revolution in France.
1849. Annexation of Punjab.
1850. Discovery of gold in Australia.
  Australian Constitution.
  Death of Sir Robert Peel.
  Tennyson made Poet Laureate.
1851. Great Exhibition.
  Victoria separates from New South Wales.
1852. Death of Duke of Wellington.
  Free libraries started.
  Independence of Transvaal recognized.
1853. Gladstone's first Budget.
1854. Crimean War.
  Colonial Office organized.
1856. Annexation of Oudh.
1857. Indian Mutiny.
1858. End of East India Company.
  British Columbia founded.
1859. Darwin's Origin of Species.
  Queensland—separate colony.
1861. Death of Prince Consort.
  Paper duties abolished.
  Torpedo shells introduced.
  Lagos occupied.
1862. American Civil War.
  Lancashire cotton famine.
1863. Marriage of the Prince of Wales.
1864. Ashanti War.
1865. Death of Lord Palmerston.
  Atlantic cable laid.
1867. Reform Bill.
  Federation of Canada.
1867. Straits Settlements—Crown Colony.
  Bicycles used.
1868. Abyssinian Expedition.
  Basutoland Protectorate.
1869. Disestablishment of the Irish Church.
  Opening of Suez Canal.
1870. Elementary Education Act.
  Franco-German War.
  Telephones and postcards used.
  Death of Charles Dickens.
1871. Recognition of Trade Unions.
  Bank Holidays begun.
1872. Alabama arbitration.
1874. Ashanti War.
  Annexation of Fiji Islands.
  Famine in India.
1875. Purchase of Suez Canal shares.
  Prince of Wales to India.
1876. Compulsory education.
  Death of David Livingstone.
1877. Annexation of Transvaal.
  Queen called Empress of India.
1878. Treaty of Berlin.
  Cyprus annexed.
1879. Zulu War.
1880. Second Afghan War.
1881. Death of Lord Beaconsfield.
  Death of Thomas Carlyle.
  Discovery of gold in South Africa.
  Majuha Hill.
  Independence of Transvaal.
1882. Murder of Lord Frederick Cavendish in Ireland.
  Bombardment of Alexandria.
1885. Death of Gordon at Khartum.
  Abandonment of Sudan.
1885. Bechuanaland under British Protection.
1886. Home Rule Bill for Ireland brought in.
  Somaliland Protectorate.
1887. First Colonial Conference.
  Queen's Jubilee.
1888. County Councils.
  New Guinea—Crown Colony.
  British East Africa Company.
1889. Annexation of Burma.
  Death of R. Browning.
  British South Africa Company.
  Rhodesia occupied.
1891. Free Education.
  British Central Africa Company.
1892. Death of Lord Tennyson.
1893. Second Home Rule Bill rejected.
  Women's vote in New Zealand.
  Matabele War.
1895. Mr. Chamberlain—Colonial Secretary.
  Siege of Chitral.
1896. Ashanti War.
  Jameson Raid.
1897. Queen's Diamond Jubilee.
  Colonial Conference.
1898. Death of Mr. Gladstone.
  Battle of Omdurman.
  Wei-hai-Wei leased.
1899. South African War.
1900. Siege of Pekin legations.
  Annexation of Transvaal.
  Annexation of Orange River Colony.
1901. Australian Commonwealth.
  Death of Queen Victoria.
  Accession of Edward VII.