Sometimes small incidents, rather than glorious exploits, give us the best evidence of character. So, as portrait painters are more exact in doing the face, I must give particular attention to the marks of the souls of men. — Plutarch

Story of the Roman People - E. M. Tappan

This introductory history of Rome discusses Roman society, religious practices, and customs, as well as covering all the major characters and events in Roman history. Tappan begin her narrative with the story of Aeneas, and legends of the seven kings of Rome before presenting a comprehensive history of the Republic and Empire. The book was written as a classroom text so section summaries and study questions are included at the end of every chapter.

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There is little that is of more practical value to the young folk of to-day than the history of Rome. How a village kingdom became a mighty republic, how the republic became a world-embracing empire, how that empire, the dread and pride of its millions of subjects, fell so low as to become the sport of its own soldiers all this is, indeed, a tale of marvel. But the history of Rome is more than a mere story. Many of the difficulties and many of the advantages of the Roman Republic are akin to those of the American Republic. The solution of such problems as have already presented themselves in the United States is even now demanding the highest wisdom of the land. Other problems will arise in the near future. Roman history is a mighty object lesson, of value to every citizen of our Republic, of especial value to the children into whose hands the government will so speedily pass. What is learned in years of maturity is an addition to one's mental equipment; what is learned in childhood becomes a part of the mind itself. That those who read this book may find it of interest to-day, of service to-morrow, is the wish of the author.


March 1, 1910

Important Dates in Roman History

753Rome is founded.
509The beginning of the Republic.
390Capture of Rome by the Gauls.
266The whole of Italy is in the hands of Rome.
146Destruction of Carthage.
44Murder of Julius Caesar.
27Octavianus recieves the title of Augustus.
70Destruction of Jerusalem.
313The Christians are granted toleration by the Edict of Milan.
330Constantinople becomes the capital of the Empire in the East.
395Division of the Empire
476The Empire in the West is ruled by a deputy of the Emperor in the East.
800Charlemagne is crowned Emperor of the West.
1453The Turks capture Constantinople.

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