Reds in America - Richard M. Whitney

This book provides a prophetic look at the U.S. communist party as it existed in the 1920s, based on actual records of a communist convention raided by the Feds in 1922. Authentic documents are provided that detail plans to use education and judicial systems to advance the communist agenda, weaken the social fabric, and to sow division between races and religious groups. Tactical plans include propaganda programs, use of media, agrarian 'reform', use of the ACLU to influence the legal system, and infiltration of the government, military, labor union, and womens groups. Virtually all the major "social movements" of the 20th century were laid out in these documents generations before they appeared in public consciousness.

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[Book Cover] from Reds in America by Richard M. Whitney

Reds in America

This book discusses the present Status of the Revolutionary Movement in the United States based on documents seized by the authorities in the raid upon the Convention of the Communist Party at Bridgman, Michigan, Aug. 22, 1922, together with descriptions of numerous connections and associations of the Communists among the Radicals, Progressives and Pinks.

Published by Beckwith Press, Inc., 1924

. . . . My earnest hope is that this book will be helpful to those students of the science of government who are still befogged in the tractless sea of "liberalism" as now defined and that it will ultimately prove to be a permanent contribution to the bibliography of loyalty to American institutions.

February, 1924.

[Editor's Note: R. M. Whitney died at age 49, soon after the book "Reds in America" was published. The documents recoverd at the Bridgman raid of 1922, which exposed the plans of the Communist Party of the United States, are rarely mentioned in conventional histories, and none of those arrested served long sentences."

About the Author

Robert Merrill Whitney, director of the Washington Bureau of the American Defense Society, was born in 1875. He graduated from Harvard in 1897 and has been a newspaper reporter and editor in St. Louis, Boston, Chicago, San Francisco, Los Angeles San Diego, and during the war covered the State Department for the Associated Press. He has been a correspondent in Mexico, Central and South America for many papers. He is the author of numerous pamphlets on patriotic subjects.

[Book Cover] from Reds in America by Richard M. Whitney

A front page cartoon, reproduced in original colors, from The Godless, an illustrated anti-religious weekly published in Moscow by the Communist Party of Russia. A careful study of the detail will disclose a particularly vicious sacrilege, depicted in a style now called "advanced" or "Russian" art. The translated caption reads: "Take, eat; this is my body." (Matt. 26:26)

[Book Cover] from Reds in America by Richard M. Whitney
[Book Cover] from Reds in America by Richard M. Whitney