Myth of Jewish Menace - Lucien Wolf

This series of essays was published in the Morning Post in response to a previous series called 'The Jewish Menace', written to discuss the ramifications of the 'Protocols of the Elders of Zion.' The author makes the case that 'the Protocols' were forged and that the Morning Post was irresponsible to discuss the problems of Jewish political domination that they raised.

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[Title Page] from Myth of Jewish Menace by Lucien Wolf

"It would not be easy to say how large a part of our troubles in the present troublous times is due to the general discredit that has overtaken the old British virtue of honesty."
The Morning Post
(in a lucid interval of subjectivity),
August 28, 1920.

[Lucien Wolf] from Myth of Jewish Menace by Lucien Wolf

Lucien Wolf, Author

Prefatory Note

The substance of the following three essays was originally contributed, in the form of independent articles to the Manchester Guardian, the Spectator, and the Daily Telegraph respectively. They have been carefully revised, much amplified, and largely rewritten in order to make a connected argument and avoid repetition. Footnotes of authorities have been added. My grateful acknowledgments are due to the Editors of the Manchester Guardian, the Spectator, and the Daily Telegraph for their kindness in permitting this republication.

I confess to a feeling of shame at having to write this pamphlet at all. That reputable newspapers in this country should be seeking to transplant here the seeds of Prussian anti-Semitism, and that they should employ for this purpose devices so questionable and a literature so melodramatically silly, cannot but cause a sense of humiliation to any self-respecting Englishman. It is for this reason that I have strictly limited myself to an examination of the specific charges formulated by these publications. I cannot bring myself to believe that it is necessary to deal with them on a larger scale.

Gray's Inn, London, W.C.
November, 1920.