Hernando Cortez



Conquistador who landed in Mexico with a small army, and allied with local tribes, conquered the Empire of the Aztecs.

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Cortez in Battle
 in Famous Men of Modern Times
Hernando cortes
Hernando cortes
 in Back Matter

The kind King Montezuma wanted peace, and said that he would give the Spaniards more gold if they would only go back to their own country.
 in The Men Who Found America

Portrait of Cortes
 in Mexico

He fought boldly in the front rank
 in Mexico

The whole army knelt in the mud and confessed their sins
 in Mexico

'There is our mark! Follow and support me!'
 in Mexico

Cortes and his men at the gap
 in Mexico

You will deal with me, Malintzin, as you list.'
 in Mexico

They knelt on the rocky track
 in Stories from the Crusades

Cortes and his men on the hills overlooking the Mexican capital
 in The Story of Mexico

Hernando Cortes
 in The Story of Mexico

Cortes at the Battle of Otumba
 in The Story of Mexico

 in Young Folks' History of Mexico

Meeting of Cortez and Montezuma
 in Young Folks' History of Mexico

Hernando CortÚs
 in Hernando Cortes Conqueror of Mexico

Hernando Cortez
 in Builders of Our Country: Book I

Montezuma's Appeal
 in Brave Men and Brave Deeds

Hernando Cortes, conqueror of Mexico
 in A Book of Discovery