Samuel Morse


Inventor of Morse code, a system telegraph transmission widely used before the telephone.

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Samuel F. B Morse & the Invention of the Telegraph  in  Great Inventors and Their Inventions  by  Frank P. Bachman
Morse and the Telegraph  in  A First Book in American History  by  Edward Eggleston
The First Telegraph  in  Story of the Great Republic  by  H. A. Guerber
How the Electric Telegraph was Invented  in  Historical Tales, Vol I: American  by  Charles Morris
Samuel F. B. Morse  in  Heroes of Progress in America  by  Charles Morris
Samuel F. B. Morse in  Four American Inventors  by  Frances M. Perry
Samuel F. B. Morse and his Successors  in  Builders of Our Country: Book II  by  Gertrude van Duyn Southworth
Morse, Inventor of the Telegraph  in  Ten Boys from History  by   Kate Dickinson Sweetser

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Morse Painting the Portrait of Lafayette
 in Great Inventors and Their Inventions

Telling Morse about the Passage of the Bill
 in Great Inventors and Their Inventions

Samuel F. B. Morse
 in Four American Inventors

Young Finley Morse's picture of the family
 in Four American Inventors

Mr. Morse making his own instruments
 in Four American Inventors

Morse and his friends at Locust Grove
 in Four American Inventors

Samuel Morse
 in Builders of Our Country: Book II