318–272 BC

Renowned general, won victories in Macedon, Italy, and Greece, but failed to follow up wins.

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Master of Strategy  in  Stories from Ancient Rome  by  Alfred J. Church
Fighting King  in  Tales of the Greeks: The Children's Plutarch  by  F. J. Gould
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Pyrrhus viewing the Roman Encampment.
 in Pyrrhus

The Elephant Concealed
 in Pyrrhus

The Assault
 in Pyrrhus

The Fallen Elephant
 in Pyrrhus

Death of Pyrrhus
 in Pyrrhus

An elephant stretched out his trunk over the roman's head and loudly trumpeted.
 in Stories from Ancient Rome

Pyrrhus and his Elephants
 in The Story of the Romans

Elephants of Pyrrhus
 in Famous Men of Rome

The armour of Pyrrhus was richer and more beautiful than that of his soldiers.
 in The Story of Rome