~ 550 BC

Aesop is well known all over the world for his famous fables, which teach moral lessons by means of stories involving animals. He was a historical character and many stories are told about him in ancient manuscripts, but a completely coherent story of his life is not known. He is thought to have been born as a slave on the island of Samos. At some point he earned his freedom, and gained a reputation as a story teller throughout Asia Minor. For a long while he resided at the court of Croesus in Lydia, and is said to have dined with the Seven Sages. He is frequently cited as telling clever stories in ancient literature. He is not thought to have written down his stories, but they became so well known that they were written down by many other writers.

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Aesop for Children  by  Milo Winter

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Aesop relating his fables
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Short Biography
Solon Rewrote the laws of Athens to better protect poor citizens from the rich.
Croesus Wealthy monarch of Lydia who lost his kingdom to Cyrus the Great.
Thales Early Greek philosopher and scientist, one of seven sages of Greece.
Pisistratus Tyrant of Athens. Respected Solon's laws. Established festivals, and promoted culture.