Agrippina the Younger


Death of Agrippina
Agrippina the Younger was the daughter of Germanicus and the mother of the emperor Nero. She is notorious for her treachery and murders, and for her dramatic death at the hands of her son. Her first husband, Domitius Ahenobarbus, was the biological father of Nero. She is thought to have murdered her second husband, and then convinced her uncle Claudius, then Emperor, to make her his fourth wife. She then persuaded him to adopt Nero and make him heir to the imperial throne instead of his own biological son Britannicus. Once she had secured Nero's position, she poisoned Claudius and then sought to rule the Empire in her son's name. It was not long before a rift between Nero and Agrippina opened up, and when she threatened to withdraw her support for him, he murdered his younger brother Britannicus. Once Nero fell under the influence of his mistress Poppaea, the dispute between Nero and his mother grew more intense and he made various unsuccessful attempts to kill her discreetly before sending his soldiers to murder her in her home.

Key events during the life of Agrippina:

Married Domitius Ahenobarbus.
Birth of Nero to first husband Domitius Ahenobarbus.
Second husband dies suddenly. Agrippina is suspected of poisoning him.
Agrippina marries her uncle, the emperor Claudius.
Claudius adopts Nero as heir to the imperial throne.
Agrippina murders Claudius. Nero ascends to the throne.
  Nero feuds with his mother over a woman; Agrippina loses influence.
Nero poisons his brother Britannicus.
Nero falls under the influence of Poppaea.
Nero has his mother murdered.

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Short Biography
Claudius Fourth emperor. Manipulated by wicked wives, Messalina and Agrippina.
Nero Fifth emperor. Murdered mother, wife, and brother. Fiddled while Rome burned.
Seneca Tutor and minister to Nero. Forced to commit suicide after falling from grace.
Messalina Wicked, profligate, and promiscuous wife of Claudius.
Poppaea Wicked mistress of Nero. Urged him to kill his mother and first wife.
Domitius Ahenobarbus First husband of Agrippina, father of Nero.