d. 319 BC

Antipater was aMacedonian general and one of Phillip II's closest ministers. After Philip's death, he was appointed regent of Macedonia during Alexander's Eastern expedition. Earlier in his career he had been sent as ambassador by Philip to Athens and negotiated peace after the battle of Chaeronea. About 332 he set out against the rebellious tribes of Thrace; but before this insurrection was quelled, the Spartan king Agis had risen against Macedonia. Having settled affairs in Thrace as well as he could, Antipater hastened to the south, and in a battle near Megalopolis (331) gained a complete victory over the insurgents.

His regency was greatly troubled by the ambition of Olympias, mother of Alexander, and he was nominally superseded by Craterus. But, on the death of Alexander in 323, he was, by the first partition of the empire, left in command of Macedonia, and in the Lamian War, at the battle of Crannon (322), crushed the Greeks who had attempted to re-assert their independence. Later in the same year he and Craterus were engaged in a war against the Aetolians, when the news arrived from Asia which induced Antipater to conclude peace with them; for Antigonus reported that Perdiccas contemplated making himself sole master of the empire. Antipater and Craterus accordingly prepared for war against Perdiccas, and allied themselves with Ptolemy, the governor of Egypt. Antipater crossed over into Asia in 321; and while still in Syria, he received information that Perdiccas had been murdered by his own soldiers. Craterus fell in battle against Eumenes. Antipater, now sole regent, made several new regulations, and having quelled a mutiny of his troops and commissioned Antigonus to continue the war against Eumenes and the other partisans of Perdiccas, returned to Macedonia. Soon after he was seized by an illness which terminated his active career. Passing over his son Cassander, he appointed the aged Polyperchon regent, a measure which gave rise to the second War of the Diodochi.

—Excerpted from the 1911 Encyclopaedia Britannica.

Key events during the life of Antipater:

346 BC
Top general and ambassador of Philip II of Macedonia.
338 BC
Negotiated peace with Athens after the Battle of Chaeronea.
334 BC
Put in charge of Macedonia when Alexander left to conquer Persia.
332 BC
Put down rebellion in Thrace.
331 BC
Put down rebellion in Peloponnese at Battle of Megalopolis.
322 BC
Put down rebellion in Athens, in Lamian War.
321 BC
War against Perdiccas declared by Antipater, allied with Ptolemy I, Antigonus, and Craterus.
319 BC
Died. Left empire in the hands of Polyperchon rather than his son Cassander.

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Short Biography
Philip of Macedonia Used statesmanship as well as military force to bring Greece under sway of Macedonia.
Alexander the Great Greatest general of ancient times. Conquered Persian Empire with 40,000 soldiers.
Craterus Popular General of Alexander. Allied with Antipater after the death of Alexander.
Ptolemy I General of Alexander, founded Egyptian Dynasty that lasted for 300 years.
Antigonus I Allied with Antipater and Ptolemy I in early Diadochi Wars. Won control of Asia Minor and Syria.
Olympias Wife of Philip of Macedon. Alexander's mother. Quarreled with Antipater over charge of Macedonia.
Demosthenes One of Greece's greatest orators. Spoke against Philip and the Macedonians.