d. 468 BC

Aristides the Just first came to prominence in Athens during the first Persian invasion and the battle of Marathon. His reputation for honesty preceded him, and, combined with his valor in battle, he was selected to guard and distribute the spoils after the victory at Marathon. He was soon elected archon, and in this position, resisted Themistocles, who promoted increasing Athens naval capability, although the true difference between the two men was in disposition rather than strategy. Aristides was a patriotic statesman, seemingly above self-interest and his obvious virtues were controversial enough to get him ostracized from Athens, only a few years after being elected archon. His exile was short lived, however, as all exiles were called to return to Athens in 490 B.C., when the second Persian invasion was imminent. As soon as he returned, he again distinguished himself with his heroic exploits during the battle of Salamis, and the row between himself and Themistocles was put aside.

In the years after the Persian war, Aristides played a leading role in rebuilding Athens, and the formation of the Delian League. His reputation for honesty was of great importance to Athens, as she made many alliances in the years following the war, with other Greek cities and islands regarding self-defense. Eventually Themistocles, his arch-rival, fell out of favor and was ostracized, allegedly for corruption and for dealing with the Persians, but Aristides continued in good standing until the end of his life, and was buried at state expense.

Key events during the life of Aristides:

508 BC
Associate and partisan of Cleisthenes and his democratic reforms.
490 BC
Commander of his tribe at the battle of Marathon. Fought with distinction.
489 BC
Elected Archon.
  Resisted Themistocles on many issues.
483 BC
Was ostracized from Athens by his enemies.
480 BC
Returned from exile and distinguished himself at the battle of Salamis.
479 BC
Commanded a division of Athens army at the battle of Plataea.
478 BC
Delian League was founded by Aristides and Cimon.
468 BC
Aristides dies and is buried at state expense.

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Short Biography
Miltiades Athenian General who led Greece to great victory at the Battle of Marathon.
Themistocles Athenian hero of the Battle of Salamis. He masterminded Athenian naval supremacy.
Cimon Athenian statesman and general. Fought Persians in Ionia after the war. Friend of Sparta.