King Arthur


Legendary king of the Britons.

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King Arthur and the Knights  in  Cambridge Historical Reader—Primary  by  Cambridge Press
Story of King Arthur  in  Stories from English History  by  Alfred J. Church
Drawing of the Sword  in  Page, Esquire, and Knight  by  Marion Florence Lansing
Passing of Arthur  in  Page, Esquire, and Knight  by  Marion Florence Lansing
King Arthur  in  Heroes Every Child Should Know  by  H. W. Mabie
Passing of Arthur  in  Legends Every Child Should Know  by  Hamilton Wright Mabie
Coming of Arthur  in  Our Island Story  by  H. E. Marshall
How the Story of Arthur Was Written in English  in  English Literature for Boys and Girls  by  H. E. Marshall
Chester A. Arthur  in  True Stories of Our Presidents  by  Charles Morris
King Arthur and His Knights  in  The Discovery of New Worlds  by  M. B. Synge
Legend of King Arthur  in  European Hero Stories  by  Eva March Tappan

Image Links

Arthur pulls the Sword from the Stone
 in Page, Esquire, and Knight

Be thou the king, and we will work thy will.'
 in Page, Esquire, and Knight

At Camelot King Arthur lay upon that merry Christmas day
 in Page, Esquire, and Knight

Death of King Arthur
 in Stories of King Arthur's Knights

He stood there holding the magic sword in his hand.
 in Our Island Story

King Arthur Obtains the Sword Excalibur
 in European Hero Stories

The Three Queens Mourning Over King Arthur
 in European Hero Stories