Junius Brutus

(Lucius Junius Brutus)

d. 509 BC

Junius Brutus
Junius Brutus was a nephew of the evil king Tarquin Superbus. Tarquin killed his brother, but spared Brutus because Brutus pretended to act like a dullard. When his wife, Lucretia, was assaulted by the son of Tarquin, Brutus vowed vengeance, and drove the whole family of Tarquins out of Rome. When he found his own sons were allied with the Tarquins, he had them executed as traitors. He was elected one of the first consuls of Rome, and died in battle.

Key events during the life of Junius Brutus:

  Brother murdered by Tarquin Superbus.
  Accompanies sons of Tarquin to Oracle.
510 BC
Vows to avenge Lucretia.
509 BC
First consul of Rome.
509 BC
Condemns sons to death for treason.
509 BC
Kills Aruns, son of Tarquin; then dies in battle.

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Short Biography
Publicola Consul of Rome during the wars with Porsena.
Lucretia Virtuous Maiden, killed herself after assault by son of Tarquin Superbus.
Titus Junius Son of Brutus, plotter against republic.
Tiberus Junius Son of Brutus, plotter against republic.