John Cabot


First discoverer of North American Mainland. Sailed for England rather than Italy.

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New Home of Liberty  in  The Story of Liberty  by  Charles C. Coffin
John Cabot and his Son Sebastian  in  A First Book in American History  by  Edward Eggleston
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English Explorers  in  American History Stories, Volume I  by  Mara L. Pratt
Follow the Leader  in  The Discovery of New Worlds  by  M. B. Synge
Cabot Sails to Newfoundland  in  A Book of Discovery  by  M. B. Synge
Henry VII, Columbus, and Cabot  in  The Tudors and the Stuarts  by  M. B. Synge

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Sebastian Cabot, by Holbein
 in Indian History for Young Folks

Cabot and his two counts
 in A First Book in American History

Cabot returns to England
 in A First Book in American History

Sebastian Cabot
 in John and Sebastian Cabot

Cabot and His Ship Leaving Labrador
 in Builders of Our Country: Book I

Sebastian Cabot When an Old Man
 in Builders of Our Country: Book I