(Marcus Furius Camillus)

446–365 BC

Camillus was one of the most important heroes of early Rome. As a long serving general, he reorganized the army into the original legion formation. He led the army on many campaigns, including the capture of Veii, a long-standing enemy of Rome, and against the Gauls. When the Gauls sacked Rome in 390 B.C., he drove away their army and encouraged the city to rebuild. He was called out of retirement many times, made dictator on four occasions, and was honored with the title Second Founder of Rome.

Key events during the life of Camillus:

403 BC
Elected censor for first time. The siege of Veii begins.
396 BC
Capture of Veii.
  Siege of Falerii; return of traitorous schoolmaster.
394 BC
First triumph of Camillus.
391 BC
Voluntary exile after being accused of keeping spoils of Veii.
390 BC
Gauls sack Rome; Camillus called back to resist Brennen.
367 BC
Led army against Gauls at age 79.
365 BC
Died of plague at 81.

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