William Caxton


William Caxton was an Englishmen who lived for many years in Bruges, in Flanders. He was at first a merchant but later became a translator, and in this context became familiar with the new printing inventions of Gutenberg. In Bruges he produced the first printed book ever written in English, a translation of the story of the Trojan War. Shortly thereafter learned the printing business, acquired all that was necessary to set up his own shop, and returned to England where he worked for some time out of a monastery. For the following sixteen years he worked at a furious rate, translating many books and pamphlets to English, printing, and distributing them.

Caxton worked on a great variety of texts, but most of his famous works were written for purposes of entertainment rather than philosophical or religious works. His two most famous productions included the story of King Arthur, and Chaucer's Canterbury Tales, both of which, thereafter, became exceedingly widely read. He also published books of proverbs, a chess manual, and stories of the lives of saints. Most of his work, however, were popular stories of chivalry. The task of producing works in written English was a challenge because of various dialects and spelling. His works served greatly to standardize English as a written language.

Key events during the life of William Caxton:

William Caxton born in Kent
Worked in Bruges as a merchant.
Death of Gutenberg
Produced first printed book in English on a printing press in Bruges.
Bought the first printing press to England.
  Printed Le Morte d'Arthur
  Printed Canterbury Tales

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