Samuel de Champlain


Samuel de Champlain—the "Father of New France"—was a French naval officer and explorer who founded the city of Quebec. He served as geographer in the court of King Henry IV for several years before he was permitted voyage to America alongside a number of well-respected explorers. Once there, he traveled down the St. Lawrence River, mapping the land as he went. He was forced to halt his study of northern New France for a time while he searched for sites for a permanent settlement, but he renewed the enterprise with earnest in 1608. He ascended the St. Lawrence and founded Quebec, later discovering the nearby lake that now bears his name. He spent several years promoting the fur trade and exploring the region around the great lakes, and he worked to improve relations between the French and the Native Americans. Returning to New France after a four-year hiatus, he was appointed governor of Canada. He wrote several narratives of his voyages and discoveries, which were published shortly before his death. He passed away in 1635 after suffering a severe stroke.

Key events during the life of Samuel de Champlain:

First voyage to Canada
Second voyage to Canada, founded Quebec
Discovered lake that now bears his name
Appointed governor of Canada
Published several narratives of his voyages and discoveries

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