Civilization: European — Frank
   Field of Renown:  monarch — Emperor
Era:  Carolingian

The most important monarch of the Early Middle Ages, Charlemagne was a successful strategist and soldier who expanded the Frankish kingdom to include much of Western and Central Europe. He brought about education and economic reforms, and his rule is often associated with the Carolingian Renaissance, a time of intellectual and cultural revival. He was the first ruler to be crowned Holy Roman Emperor in recognition for his devotion to the papacy, and he fought several successful battles against the early Italian, Spanish, and British powers, always on the side of the Catholic Church.

Charlemagne ruled the outer parts of his native country following the passing of his father, Pepin the Short, but it was not until the death of his brother, Carloman II, that he became sole sovereign of France. As king, Charlemagne was a devout Catholic. He battled on the side of the papacy when Lombardian king Desiderius took over several Italian cities and attempted to siege Rome. Driving the Lombards back to Pavia, he then attacked their city. After surrendering, Desiderius was sent to an abbey in Corbie, and Charlemagne was made king of the Lombards in Italy, a position he later passed on to his son.

After this victory, Charlemagne went back to battle on both the Eastern and Western fronts, which extended from the Pyrenees mountains to the Danube river. He waged several wars against the Spanish Moors, who forced attacked his rear guard, led by the famous Roland at the Battle of Roncevaux Pass. When not holding back the Saracens of Spain, Charlemagne fought the Saxons, the great pagan kingdom to his east. The Saxon Wars were fought over thirty years and Charlemagne encountered them in at least eighteen major battles. He defeated them several times, converting the people to Christianity and integrating much of Northern Germany into his ever-expanding kingdom, but the Saxons continued to fight for their independence until 804, when their final rebellion was crushed.

Charlemagne also fought off an invasion of the Asian Huns, who attacked several Italian cities but were forced into submission by his son, after which they presented themselves before Charlemagne as vassals and Christians. Charles later aided another pope, Leo III, who had been mistreated by the Romans and subsequently fled from the Vatican. Charles restored him to power, and in return, Leo crowned him Holy Roman Emperor. He ruled for several more years before passing away from a lung infection. His only surviving son, Louis the Pious, succeeded him over a kingdom that expanded

Key events during the life of Charlemagne:

Death of Pepin the Short, became king in joint with his brother
Death of Charlemagne's brother, Carloman II
Saved Pope Hadrian I from Lombardian attackers
Start of the Saxon Wars
Set out for Spain to offer military support but was forced by the Moors to retreat
Huns invaded Italian cities of Friuli and Bavaria but were forced to retreat
Barcelona fell to France during the Wars with the Muslims
Crowned Emperor of the Romans by Pope Leo III
Defeated Saxony
Died of pleurisy

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Short Biography
Pepin the Short King of the Franks. Son of Charles Martel. Father of Charlemagne.
Roland Nephew of Charlemagne and legendary hero of his wars. Died at Roncesvalles.
Wittekind Leader of Saxon resistance to Charlemagne. After years of struggle, converted to Christianity.
Louis the Pious Son of Charlemagne and king of Franks. On his death his three sons divided the kingdom between them.
Bernardo del Carpio Legendary Spanish hero during the era of Charlemagne who battled both Moors and Franks.