(Caius Marcius Coriolanus)

500–450 BC

Coriolanus was a brave Roman nobleman, who was respected by the patricians but disliked by the plebeians, in spite of his achievements. He narrowly missed being elected consul, but then was exiled from Rome due to a dispute with the lower classes. He went to the camp of Rome’s enemies, and offered to lead their army against Rome, to win back the same territory he had helped Rome take away from them. He was at the very gates of Rome, but turned back when his mother and wife were brought to the camp to plead with him.

Coriolanus was the basis of one of Shakespeare’s historical plays.

Key events during the life of Coriolanus:

496 BC
Fought in the Battle of Regillus, crowned as a hero.
493 BC
Captured town of Corioli.
492 BC
Lost consulship due to plebeians, then was exiled.
491 BC
Led Volscian army against Rome.
  Put to death by the Volscians for treason.

Short Biography
Venturia Mother of Coriolanus.
Valeria Roman noblewoman who asked Venturia for help.
Tullus Aufidius Chieftain of the Volscians.

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Coriolanus and his mother
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O my mother, thou hast saved Rome, but thou hast lost thy son.'
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You have saved Rome, but lost your son.'
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