d. 627 BC

Cypselus was the founder of a dynasty of tyrants from the city of Corinth. Under the rule of his family the city became powerful and prosperous. His son Periander, was considered to be one of the Seven Sages of Greece. Although Periander was highly educated and accomplished, and started his reign in a mild spirit, at length he became cruel and haughty. Periander had two sons, but one was a dunce and he feuded with the other, so neither ascended to the throne of Corinth.

Key events during the life of Cypselus:

  Labda hides her son in a cypselus
657 BC
Overthrew the ruling family of Corinth, the Bacchiadæ.
  Ruled Corinth harshly but prosperously for 30 years.
627 BC
The reign passed to Periander, son of Cypselus.
  Periander becomes more tyrannical and cruel. Eventually murders wife.
  Lycophoron rebels against his father and goes to live at Corcyra.
585 BC
Periander murdered when he goes to reconcile with his son.

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Short Biography
Periander Son of Cypselus. Considered a cruel tyrant, but one of the "Seven Sages of Greece."
Thrasybulus of Miletus Tyrant of Miletus, friend of Periander.
Lycophron Son of Periander. Furious at his father for killing his mother.
Labda Mother of Cypselus.