Thomas Edison

(Thomas Alva Edison)


Thomas Alva Edison, an eminent American inventor, was born at Milan, Ohio, in 1847. He began an active business career at the age of twelve; became an expert telegrapher, and invented the system of duplex telegraphy while an operator at Boston. In 1871 he invented a printing telegraph and established a workshop for its manufacture. Subsequently he made very many inventions in telegraphy, telephony, the electric light, etc., the most striking of them being the phonograph and the kinetoscope. He died in 1931.

Adapted from The Dictionary of Biography by Charles Morris

Key events during the life of Thomas Alva Edison:

Birth of Thomas Edison.
Patented first invention, a vote recording device.
Invented the phonograph.
Designed the first practical electric lightbulb.
Death of Thomas Edison.

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Thomas Alva Edison; 1911
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