Great Elector

(Frederick William, Elector of Brandenburg)


Frederick William, the Great Elector, is commonly attributed with facilitating the unification of Brandenburg-Prussia into a cohesive kingdom rather than a Duchy. His third son became Frederick William I of Prussia, first of the Prussian kings. During his reign, the Great Elector encouraged both trade and religious tolerance, which strengthened his kingdom more so than those countries who persecuted certain religious groups. The trade he encouraged both enriched his people and strengthened diplomatic ties with other powerful nations. By the time of his death, the Great Elector had set the stage for Prussia’s rise to power under the rule of his descendants, the House of Hohenzollern. This line of Prussian royalty was to remain in place until the end of World War I.

Key events during the life of Great Elector:

Born February 16th.
Thirty Year's War
Marriage to Luise Henriette of Nassau. They have 6 children, including the future Frederick I of Prussia.
Second Northern War. Prussia-Brandenburg forced to swear vassalage to Sweden.
Battle of Warsaw. Swedes turn on Prussians at the behest of Louis XIV of France.
Death of Queen Luise.
Second marriage to Sophie Dorothea of Holstein-Sonderburg-Glücksburg. They have 7 children.
The Great Sleigh Drive. Swedish forces cut off from their navy and defeated thoroughly.
Death of the Great Elector.

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The Great Elector withdraws from the association of the Dutch Nobility
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