Earl of Essex

(Robert Devereux)


The Earl of Essex played a leading role in the late reign of Queen Elizabeth. He was the third of her three most renowned favorites, (the other two being Robert Dudley, and Walter Raleigh), and was a generation younger than either of them. Before being introduced to Elizabeth's court, Essex, born Robert Devereux, was engaged primarily in military matters. He served with his stepfather, Robert Dudley in the wars in the Netherlands, and was also of the party that favored war with Spain, and took part in many of the campaigns in the Anglo Spanish Wars. He eventually rose to be one of the most influential persons in Elizabeth's court, but was opposed by Robert Cecil, Elizabeth's most trusted minister, who tended to favor peace with Spain, and in later years became Essex's worst detractor.

By the late 1590, Essex had become very powerful and influential, and was no longer properly deferential to Elizabeth. This distressed her greatly because she had enormous personal fondness for him, and but never, at any time in her life, tolerated insolence from her favorites. He defied her wishes in order to campaign against the Spanish, and Elizabeth blamed the other commanders of the expedition rather than Essex for his disobedience of her orders.

The conflict at court was brought to a head by the Irish campaign of 1599, when an army of over 16,000 men under Essex was sent to pacify the Earl of Tyrone during the Nine Year's War in Ireland. He mismanaged the command, directly disobeyed orders, and returned to England in disgrace. The crisis was a personal one for Elizabeth, who was torn between her affection for Essex, who she regarded as son, and the necessity of upholding discipline. After a year of politicking, plotting, imprisonment, and numerous rumors of conspiracies and rebellions, Essex was finally tried and executed for treason. Elizabeth died shortly thereafter.

Key events during the life of The Earl of Essex:

Robert Devereux born.
Mother of Robert married Robert Dudley, old favorite of Elizabeth.
Campaigned in Netherlands with Robert Dudley
Became a favorite of Queen Elizabeth
Essex takes part in the Armada; Death of Robert Dudley
Campaigned against Spain in the Second Battle of Cadiz.
Accompanied Raleigh on a campaign to the Azores in defiance of Elizabeth.
Sent as a commander of English forces in Ireland. Returned in disgrace.
Tried and executed for treason.

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