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Field, Cyrus West, an American merchant and financier; born in Massachusetts, November 30, 1819; settled in New York, and in 1854 turned his attention to the subject of ocean telegraphs; obtaining an exelugive fifty-year charter from the Newfoundland Legislature, he successfully completed a line of ocean cable and telegraph between A merica and Europe by way of that island in 1866, him-self crossing the Atlantic more than fifty times in the prosecution of the enterprise. He was awarded a gold medal b7 Congress and another by the PariExposition. Died 1892. His brother, DAVID DUDLEY (1805-1894), gained eminence as a jurist; another brother, STEPHEN JOHNsox (born 1816), became Chief Justice of California, and in 1863 was appointed a Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States. Died 1899.

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