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Francis I of France

Civilization: European — France
   Field of Renown:  monarch — King
Era:  Renaissance

King of France who was a patron of the arts, and was involved in the Italian Wars.

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The field of the cloth of gold
 in France: Peeps at History

Francis I at the Battle of Marignano
 in The Story of Old France

Visit of Francis I. and Charles V. at St. Denis
 in The Story of Old France

Taking his sword, he said, 'Please God, sir, that in war you may never take flight.'
 in The Story of France

The Field of the Cloth of Gold
 in The Story of France

Francis I. Refusing the Demands of the Emperor
 in Historical Tales: Spanish

King Henry VIII, at the Field of the Cloth of Gold
 in The Tudors and the Stuarts