St. George


Patron saint of England. Soldier who killed a dragon and died a martyr's death.

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St. George of England  in  Seven Champions  by  F. J. H. Darton
Patron Saint of England  in  The Book of Saints and Heroes  by  Mrs. Lang
Order of St. George  in  Page, Esquire, and Knight  by  Marion Florence Lansing
St. George  in  Heroes Every Child Should Know  by  H. W. Mabie
St. George and the Dragon  in  The Book of Legends  by  Horace E. Scudder
Saint George  in  In God's Garden  by  Amy Steedman
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St. George and the Dragon
 in Back Matter

St. George rescues the Princess from the horrible Dragon
 in The Book of Saints and Heroes

The dragon was dead.
 in The Faerie Queen

Saint George of England
 in Page, Esquire, and Knight