Gaius Gracchus

(Caius Sempronius Gracchus)

154–121 BC

Caius Gracchus
The Gracchi brothers, Tiberius and Caius, were social reformers who tried to obtain more rights for the landless peasants of Rome, but were resisted by the landowning class. In 133 B.C. Tiberius was elected tribune, and worked to pass land reform laws, but he was killed before he could run for a second term. His brother Caius was much younger than Tiberius, and hesitant at first to enter public life. It was not until ten years after Tiberius was killed that he was elected tribune, and vowed to continue his brother's work. The senate however, was much more clever in their resistance to Caius than they had been with Tiberius. Instead of opposing him directly, they worked with another tribune named Livius Drusus to undermine him, by making counter-proposals to all of his reforms. Instead of flatly resisting his popular ideas, they sought to undermine his personal popularity. They delayed, obfuscated, and sent Caius on missions outside of Rome to keep him from building up a power base, drawing Caius into a power struggle. Eventually one of Caius's enemies was killed by one of his supporters, and the senate used this as an excuse to stir up civil unrest, and accuse Caius and his followers of lawlessness and rebellion. Caius, his friend Fulvius, and three thousand of their supporters were killed by soldiers, sent from the senate to restore order.

Key events during the life of Caius Gracchus:

Death of Tiberius Gracchus. Caius was serving in Spain under Scipio Aemilianus at the time.
Served as quaestor in Sardinia.
Elected fourth tribune, proved to be excellent orator. Reintroduced reform bills.
Second tribuneship. Senate works with Livius Drusus to undermine Caius' influence.
Election rigged, so that Caius could not be reelected Tribune. Laws of Caius are annulled.
Caius is killed by his servant as he and his followers are surrounded by soldiers.

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Short Biography
Cornelia Mother of the Gracchi. Highly revered Roman matron.
Tiberius Gracchus Promoted Land Reform and fought for people's rights. Murdered by senators.
Livius Drusus Tribune who served with Caius. He worked with the senate to undermine Caius's populurity.
Opimius Consul who was an enemy of Caius. He worked to bring about his downfall by accusing him of tyranny and rebellion.
Fulvius Friend and associate of Caius.