John Gutenberg


Invented printing press. Made improvements over many years on types, inks and methods.

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John Gutenberg and the Invention of Printing  in  Great Inventors and Their Inventions  by  Frank P. Bachman
First Printer  in  Thirty More Famous Stories Retold  by  James Baldwin
John Gutenberg and the Voices  in  Thirty More Famous Stories Retold  by  James Baldwin
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Gutenberg  in  Famous Men of the Middle Ages  by  John H. Haaren
End of the Middle Ages  in  The Story of the Middle Ages  by  Samuel B. Harding
John Gutenberg Invents Printing  in  European Hero Stories  by  Eva March Tappan

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Beginnings of Type Casting
 in Great Inventors and Their Inventions

Gutenberg Examining Proof
 in Great Inventors and Their Inventions

Suddenly from among the types two voices were heard
 in Thirty More Famous Stories Retold

Gutenberg at work
 in Famous Men of the Middle Ages

John Gutenberg
 in European Hero Stories

Gutenberg's House. (At Strasburg, Germany)
 in European Hero Stories

Gutenberg Showing His First Proof
 in European Hero Stories