~ 550 BC

Harpagus was one of the most trusted ministers of king Astyages of Media. It was to Harpagus that the king entrusted the task of murdering his grandson Cyrus, whom a seer had predicted would overthrow his kingdom. Ten years later, when Cyrus was found to have survived, having been raised by a peasant family, Astyages rejoiced that his grandson was living, but severely punished Harpagus for disobeying his orders, by murdering the son of Harpagus. Instead of reacting Harpagus continued to obediently server Astyages for many more years, while plotting his downfall. When Cyrus became of age, Harpagus conspired with him to overthrow Astyages, and it was through his interventions that the Median kingdom was put in the hands of Cyrus. He spent the rest of his life as a trusted minister of Cyrus.

Key events during the life of Harpagus:

576 BC
The Infant Cyrus ordered to be killed by Astyages, but is saved by Harpagus.
566 BC
At age ten Cyrus's identity is revealed. The son of Harpagus is killed in retaliation.
558 BC
Cyrus inherits the throne of his father.
554 BC
Harpagus plans to help Cyrus overthrow Astyages. Plans Persian Revolt.
550 BC
Armies of Cyrus capture Ecbatana, and conquer Media.
547 BC
Harpagus advises Cyrus during war against the Lydians.
  Harpagus continues to advise Cyrus on military and domestic matters.
542 BC
Harpagus leads a Persian army in Asia Minor to put down rebellions.

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Short Biography
Astyages King of Medes, who was overthrown by his grandson Cyrus the Great.
Mandane Mother of Cyrus, married to king of Persia. Daughter of Astyges, King of Medes.
Cyrus the Great Prince of Persia who overran Medes, Lydia and Assyria to create the Persian Empire.
Croesus Wealthy monarch of Lydia who lost his kingdom to Cyrus the Great.