Hero of Germany. Annihilated three Roman legions at the Battle of Teutoburg Forest.

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Beyond the Rhine  in  Helmet and Spear  by  Alfred J. Church
Death of Augustus  in  The Story of the Romans  by  H. A. Guerber
Hermann  in  Back Matter  by  books/horne/soldiers/_back.html
Three norse Boys  in  Patriots and Tyrants  by  Marion Florence Lansing
Hermann the Deliverer  in  Patriots and Tyrants  by  Marion Florence Lansing
Herman, the Hero of Germany  in  The History of Germany  by  Henrietta Elizabeth Marshall
Hermann, the Hero of Germany  in  Historical Tales: German  by  Charles Morris

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Arminius consulting the prophetess
 in Greatest Nations - Germany

The Defeat of Varus at Teutoburg Forest
 in Greatest Nations - Germany

Hermann's Triumphant procession after the defeat of Varus
 in Greatest Nations - Germany

Hermann Calling the Germans to Arms
 in Greatest Nations - Rome

German army of Hermann
 in Back Matter

Hermann's Triumph over the Romans
 in Back Matter

Herman in the Forest
 in Patriots and Tyrants

Varus invading Germany.
 in Herman and Thusnelda