(Horatius Cocles)

535–509 BC

Horatius Cocles was a Roman soldier who volunteered to defend the Sublican bridge over the Tiber, as it was being torn down by his compatriots. He prevented an Etruscan army, led by Lars Porsenna, from crossing and jumped in the river as the bridge fell. Miraculously he survived. A statue was made to commemorate the deed and Horatius was well rewarded for his bravery. The Invasion of Rome by Porsenna's army occured in 508 B.C., shortly after King Tarquin was exiled, and the Republic of Rome was founded.

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Short Biography
Publicola Consul of Rome during the wars with Porsena.
Lars Porsena Etruscan king, and supporter of the Tarquins who raised an army to march against Rome.
Mucius Scaevola Hero who burned his right hand to defy Porsena.
Spurius Lartius Fellow soldier who helped defend the bridge.
Titus Herminius Fellow Soldier who helped defend the bridge.