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Tullus Hostilius

d. 642 BC
Civilization: Roman — Rome
   Field of Renown:  monarch — King
Era:  Kingdom

Tullus Hostilius was the third legendary king of Rome. He was of a much more war-like disposition than his predecessor Numa Pompilius, and he carried out wars against his Latin neighbors in Alba, and also the nearby Etruscan towns of Fidenae and Veii. The famous combat between the Horatii and the Curiatii occurred during his reign.

Key events during the life of Hostilius:

672 BC
Beginning of reign.
  War with Alba.
  Fight between Horatii and Curiatii.
  Wars with Etruscans.
  Destruction of Alba.
640 BC
Struck by lightning, died.

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Short Biography
Mettius Leader of Alba.
Horatii Three brothers who won man-to-man combat to resolve Rome/Alba dispute.
Curiatii Three Alban brothers who fought.